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Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are always a favorite with young children. Kids love to leave their handprints.
51. Multi Coloured Handprint Wreath
This multicoloured handprint banner is perfect for Martin Luther King Day, international events, or any time you are studying different cultures. It makes a good classroom project.
52. Peacock Handprint Painting
Create a beautiful showy peacock with a handprint and two colours of poster paint.
53. Resolutions Magnet
Encourage kids to remember their New Years resolutions with this magnet craft just stick it on the fridge and youll see it several times a day!
54. Seasonal Tree Canvases
This lovely craft idea can be undertaken in one go as a project on the seasons or in four parts over the year as each season arrives.
55. Sun Handprint Craft
Bring a little sunshine into your home with this super easy sun handprint craft for summer!
56. Sunflower Handprint Painting
Celebrate the summer with this gorgeous sunflower handprint painting.
57. Sunflower Handprint Painting Height Chart
Children will be thrilled to use their own artwork to make a height chart to display on the wall

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