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Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are always a favorite with young children. Kids love to leave their handprints.
21. Handprint Horse
Heres a fun handprint painting horse that younger children will enjoy. Why not paint a whole herd!
22. Handprint Kinara
This handprint kinara makes a quick, fun and messy Kwanzaa craft for kids!.
23. Handprint Magnets
Here is a fun way for children to display artwork on the fridge and it makes a nice little present for Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Grandparents Day too.
24. Handprint Menorah
Here is a fun and original way to represent a Menorah, as well as record your childs handprints.
25. Handprint Monsters
Cut out a print of a childs hand and let them use their imagination and crafty bits and pieces to decorate them as a monster! A perfect way to capture a moment in time at Halloween.
26. Handprint Ox
Handprint this super ox painting for Chinese New Year, a farm theme or perhaps a Nativity theme.
27. Handprint Ox Head Painting
This ox head handprint is perfect for Chinese New Year of the Ox. We think it even has the look of a Chinese painting about it!
28. Handprint Poems
Choose from these poems to accompany your handprint crafts or handprint paintings. We have included printable versions of some of them simply add some handprints to the bottom!
29. Handprint Rainbow
This handprint rainbow makes a fantastic classroom or large group project and looks dazzling on the wall!
30. Handprint Reindeer
Handprint paintings are a fun way to make a great picture, and they have the added benefit of giving you a memento of the children, too! This handprint reindeer is very cute.

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