forever young naturally exercise

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Exercising the Brain Unplug the phone

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

Exercising the Brain Unplug the phone

The constant ping of emails and interruption of phone calls can cause IQ to drop by 10 points found a study commissioned by Hewlett-Packard, leading to loss of concentration and problem-solving skills. Unplug the phone and resist the temptation to check emails for two-hour runs when you need to achieve results. Get up and walk across the office to talk to people instead, which also counts toward your daily activity quotient.

Breathing Essentials Expand your ribs
Working with Weights Lifting with style
Cooling Down Imagine the stretch
Exercise Essentials Comfortable clothes
Beating Fatigue Turn to tai chi
Maintaining Posture Adjust your chair
Youthful Spirit Healing flowers
Exercising the Brain Become a lifelong student
Exercise Essentials Blankets
Cooling Down Relaxing forward
Maintaining Posture Sitting posture
Which Exercise Racket sports for
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