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Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Mortgage :
To take, or hold one, against others, is ominous of adequate wealth to liquidate your obligations.

Ornament :
If you wear ornaments in dreams, you will have a flattering honor conferred upon you.

Flag :
To dream of your national flag, portends victory if at war, and if at peace, prosperity.

Cemetery :
Brides dreaming of passing a cemetery on their way to the wedding ceremony, will be bereft of their husbands by fatal accidents occurring on journeys.

Spy :
To dream that you are a spy, denotes that you will make unfortunate ventures.

Incantation :
To dream you are using incantations, signifies unpleasantness between husband and wife, or sweethearts. To hear others repeating them, implies dissembling among your friends.

Boots :
Old and torn boots, indicate sickness and snares before you.

Cabin :
For log cabin, see house.

Affront :
This is a bad dream. The dreamer is sure to shed tears and weep. For a young woman to dream that she is affronted, denotes that some unfriendly person will take advantage of her ignorance to place her in a compromising situation with a stranger, or to jeopardize her interests with a friend.

Ninepins :
To dream that you play ninepins, denotes that you
are foolishly wasting your energy and opportunities.
You should be careful in the selection of companions.
All phases of this dream are bad.

Obedience :
To dream that you render obedience to another, foretells for you a common place, a pleasant but uneventful period of life.

Oak :
For sweethearts to dream of oaks, denotes that they will soon begin life together under favorable circumstances.

Cards :
If playing them in your dreams with others for social pastime, you will meet with fair realization of hopes that have long buoyed you up. Small ills will vanish. But playing for stakes will involve you in difficulties of a serious nature.

Quack Doctor :
To see a quack doctor in your dreams, denotes you will be alarmed over some illness and its improper treatment.

Scaldhead :
To see any one with a scaldhead in your dreams, there will be uneasiness felt over the sickness or absence of some one near to you.

Adder :
For a young woman to see an adder, foretells a deceitful person is going to cause her trouble. If it runs from her, she will be able to defend her character in attacks made on her.

Conspiracy :
To dream that you are the object of a conspiracy, foretells you will make a wrong move in the directing of your affairs.

Shepherd :
To see shepherds in your dreams watching their flocks, portends bounteous crops and pleasant relations for the farmer, also much enjoyment and profit for others.

Lamp-post :
To see a lamp-post across your path, you will have much adversity in your life.

Indulgence :
For a woman to dream of indulgence, denotes that she will not escape unfavorable comment on her conduct.

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