Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Lightning :
If in the southwest, luck will come your way. In the west, your prospects will be brighter than formally. In the north, obstacles will have to be removed before your prospects will brighten up. If in the east, you will easily win favors and fortune. Lightning from dark and ominous-looking clouds, is always a forerunner of threats, of loss and of disappointments. Business men should stay close to business, and women near their husbands or mothers; children and the sick should be looked after closely.

Evening :
To dream that evening is about you, denotes unrealized hopes, and you will make unfortunate ventures.

Conspiracy :
To dream that you are the object of a conspiracy, foretells you will make a wrong move in the directing of your affairs.

Medicine :
To give medicine to others, denotes that you will work to injure some one who trusted you.

Satan :
To dream of Satan, foretells that you will have some dangerous adventures, and you will be forced to use strategy to keep up honorable appearances.

Fly-trap :
To see a fly-trap in a dream, is signal of malicious designing against you. To see one full of flies, denotes that small embarrassments will ward off greater ones.

Laurel :
Dreaming of the laurel, brings success and fame. You will acquire new possessions in love. Enterprises will be laden with gain.

Flying :
To dream of flying high through a space, denotes marital calamities.

Harlequin :
To be dressed as a harlequin, denotes passionate error and unwise attacks on strength and purse. Designing women will lure you to paths of sin.

Ouija :
To fail to work, one is ominous of complications, caused by substituting pleasure for business.

Table :
To clear away the table, denotes that pleasure will soon assume the form of trouble and indifference.

Soda Fountain :
To treat others to this and other delectable iced drinks; you will be rewarded in your efforts, though the outlook appears full of contradictions. Inharmonious environments, and desired results will be forthcoming.

Partridge :
Partridges seen in your dreams, denotes that conditions will be good in your immediate future for the accumulation of property.

Sugar :
To hear a negro singing while unloading sugar, some seemingly insignificant affair will bring you great benefit, either in business or social states.

Grave :
If you visit a newly made grave, dangers of a serious nature is hanging over you. Grave is an unfortunate dream. Ill luck in business transactions will follow, also sickness is threatened.

Water :
To sport with water, denotes a sudden awakening to love and passion.

Lantern :
For a young woman to dream that she lights her lover's lantern, foretells for her a worthy man, and a comfortable home. If she blows it out, by her own imprudence she will lose a chance of getting married.

Marriage :
To dream of any unfortunate occurrence in connection with a marriage, foretells distress, sickness, or death in your family.

Torture :
If you are torturing others, you will fail to carry out well-laid plans for increasing your fortune.

Disease :
To dream that you are diseased, denotes a slight attack of illness, or of unpleasant dealings with a relative.

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