automobile racing

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Automobile Racing

1. Auto racing
Auto racing is a sport involving the racing ofautomobiles for competition. There are numerous different categories of auto racing.
2. The beginning of competition
Motoring events began soon after the construction of the first successful gasoline fueled automobiles. The first organized contest was on April 28, 1887, by the chief editor of Paris publication Le V locip
3. the worlds first motoring contest
On July 23, 1894, the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal organized what is considered to be the world s first motoring competition fromParis to Rouen. Sporting events were a tried and tested form of publicity stunt and circulation booster. Pierre Giffard, the paper s editor, promoted it as a Competition for Horseless Carriages that were not dangerous, easy to drive, and cheap during the journey. Thus it blurred the distinctions between a reliability trial, a general event, and a race. One hundred and two competitors paid 10 francs entrance fee
4. Early races
The Paris Bordeaux Paris race of June 1895 has sometimes been described as the first motor race , despite the 1894 event being decided by speed and finishing order of the eligible racers. The first to arrive was
5. City to city racing
Auto construction and racing dominated by France, the French automobile club ACF staged a number of major international races, usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city, in France or elsewhere in Europe.

The very successful early European rally races ended in 1903 when Marcel Renault was involved in a fatal accident near Angoul
6. Formula racing
The best known variety of single seater racing, Formula One which hosts the famous Monaco Grand Prix, involves an annual World Championship for drivers and constructors.
7. Open wheel car
The best known variety of single seater racing, Formula One, involves an annual World Championship for drivers and constructors.

In single seater (open wheel) the wheels are not covered, and the cars often have aerofoil wings front and rear to producedownforce and enhance adhesion to the track. In Europe and Asia, open wheeled racing is commonly referred to as Formula , with appropriate hierarchical suffixes. In North America, the Formula terminology is not followed (with the exception of F1). The sport is usually arranged to follow an international format (such as F1), a regional format, or a domestic , or country specific format (such as the German Formula 3 championship, or the British Formula Ford).
In North America, the cars used in the National Championship (currently the IndyCar Series, and previously CART) have traditionally been similar though less sophisticated than F1 cars, with more restrictions on technology aimed at controlling costs.
8. Formula Three car racing
The other major international single seater racing series is GP2 (formerly known as Formula 3000 and Formula Two). Regional series include Formula Nippon and Formula V6 Asia (specifically in Asia), Formula Renault 3.5 (also known as the World Series by Renault, succession series of World Series by Nissan), Formula Three, Formula Palmer Audi andFormula Atlantic. In 2009, the FIA Formula Two Championship brought about the revival of the F2 series. Domestic, or country specific series include Formula Three, Formula Renault, Formula Ford with the leading introductory series beingFormula BMW.

Single seater racing is not limited merely to professional teams and drivers. There is a large amateur club racing scene catering for those who want to race single seaters against similar people all over the world. In the UK the major club series are the Monoposto Racing Club, BRSCC F3 (Formerly ClubF3, formerly ARP F3), Formula Vee and Club Formula Ford. Each series caters for a section of the market , with some primarily providing low cost racing whilst others aim for an authentic experience using the same regulations as the professional series (BRSCC F3).

There are other categories of single seater racing, including kart racing, which employs a small, low cost machine on small tracks. Many of the current top drivers began their careers in karts. Formula Ford once represented a popular first open wheel category for up and coming drivers stepping up from karts and now theFormula BMW series is the preferred option as it has introduced an aero package and slicks, allowing the junior drivers to gain experience in a race car with dynamics closer F1.
9. Formula 2 car racing
After 25 years away from the sport, former Formula 2 champion, Jonathan Palmer, reopened the F2 category again, most drivers have graduated from the Formula Palmer Audi series. The category is officially registered as the FIAFormula Two championship. Most rounds have two races and are support races to the FIA World Touring Car Championship.
10. Touring car racing
Touring car racing is a style of road racing that is run with production derived race cars. It often features full contact racing due to the small speed differentials and large grids.
The major touring car championships conducted worldwide are the V8 Supercars (Australia), British Touring Car Championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and the World Touring Car Championship. The European Touring Car Cup is a one day event open to Super 2000 specification touring cars from Europe s many national championships.

The Sports Car Club of America s SPEED World Challenge Touring Car and GT championships are dominant in North America. America s historic Trans Am Series is undergoing a period of transition, but is still the longest running road racing series in the U.S. The National Auto Sport Association also provides a venue for amateurs to compete in home built factory derived vehicles on various local circuits.

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