automobile racing

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Open wheel car

Automobile Racing

Open wheel car

The best known variety of single seater racing, Formula One, involves an annual World Championship for drivers and constructors.

In single seater (open wheel) the wheels are not covered, and the cars often have aerofoil wings front and rear to producedownforce and enhance adhesion to the track. In Europe and Asia, open wheeled racing is commonly referred to as Formula , with appropriate hierarchical suffixes. In North America, the Formula terminology is not followed (with the exception of F1). The sport is usually arranged to follow an international format (such as F1), a regional format, or a domestic , or country specific format (such as the German Formula 3 championship, or the British Formula Ford).
In North America, the cars used in the National Championship (currently the IndyCar Series, and previously CART) have traditionally been similar though less sophisticated than F1 cars, with more restrictions on technology aimed at controlling costs.

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