unstable countries in the world

Unstable Countries In The World

These are the most unstable countries in the world.
11. Syria
With large swaths of its land in rebel control, Syria has once again descended into lawlessness, violence, and genocide.
12. Cote d Ivoire
Although at one time it was looked upon as a model of stability, beginning in 2003, the Ivory Coast descended into civil conflict. Since then corruption and turmoil has left the country largely unstable.
13. Iraq
Ever since the ousting of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Iraq has been a hotbed of violence and instability.
14. Guinea
In spite of its vast mineral wealth, Guinea remains one of the poorest countries in West Africa thanks to decades of rule by military juntas and violent dictatorships.
15. Zimbabwe
With Robert Mugabe at the helm, Zimbabwe has descended into a mess of poverty and political strife.
16. Pakistan
Ever since it was carved out of India in 1947, warring factions have left Pakistans democracy weak. Apart from China, it has also had relatively sour relations with its neighbors and has even fought several wars with India over the Kashmir region.
17. Haiti
Although it was the Caribbeans first independent state, dictatorships, instability, and natural disasters have led to it being one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.
18. Yemen
The poorest country in the Middle East, constant civil tensions have led to it once again becoming a battle ground between various factions.
19. Afghanistan
Having suffered through some of the worst conflicts in modern history, Afghanistans economy and infrastructure are in ruins and many of its people are refugees.
20. Chad
Rich in gold and uranium, Africas fifth largest state suffers from lack of infrastructure and constant armed conflict.

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