top cricket commentators

Top Cricket Commentators

1. Bill Lawry
Before Bill Lawry pledged his commitments to commentating on radio, he was engaged to cricket as a player. Bill Lawry played for Australia during the 1960s. His test match record speaks of 5234 runs from 67 matches.

During his cricketing days Bill Lawry was criticized for lifeless batting, but when he took up commentating after his retirement, he made sure not a shadow of the past criticism verged on his new vocation. Bill Lawry was funny as a commentator and had a unique style of his own.Bill Lawry moved from radio commentary to commentating for Channel 9. Bill Lawrys rather distinctive style has been regularly mimicked in the Twelfth Man offers information on Bill Lawry and other famous cricket commentators.

2. Brian Johnston
Johnners, as he known to his friends, Brian Johnston was educated at Eton and later Oxford. Before he joined BBC in January 1946, Brian Johnston had already served with the Grenadier Guards.Brian Johnstons debut as a cricket commentator came in the test match involving England and India in June 1946. In 1963 he went a step further and became the BBC cricket correspondent.

In 1970 Brian Johnston found himself out of the TV Commentator team but had the assurance of featuring regularly as a par of the Test Match Special TMS radio team. Upon retiring from TMS in 1972, Brian Johnston continued his love for commentating as a freelance commentator. Brain Johnston died on January 5, 1994 at the age of 82. offers information on Brian Johnston and other famous cricket commentators.

3. Geoffrey Boycott
Geoffrey Boycott, the famous former England captain is today of the most popular cricket commentators. His career as a cricket commentator has almost been as colorful and diverse as his cricketing career. From being one of the most famous commentators, to getting sacked following a court conviction, to fighting throat cancer and returning to the commentary scene, Boycott has done it all.

Geoffrey Boycott is known for his unique style of commentary. He never spares any player for a missed opportunity and is bitingly sarcastic in his commentary. This is, however, often very amusing for the audience who specially enjoy hearing about the various ways in which his mum could have bettered the performances of the players. Geoffrey Boycott has had the honor of being associated with some of the biggest television channels and radio stations in the world. He has joined the likes of legendary commentators like Richie Benaud and Sunil Gavaskar and is today one of the most famous cricket commentators in the world. offers information on Geoffrey Boycott and other famous cricket commentators.

4. Karunaratne Abeysekera
Karunaratne Abeysekera was the pioneer of Sinhala cricket commentary on radio. He remains as one of the greatest cricket commentators ever and he had a big contribution towards making cricket popular in Sri Lanka. He improvised and made his commentary more interesting.

An iconic broadcaster of Sri Lanka, Karunaratne Abeysekera is one of the most respected and famous radio cricket offers information on Karunaratne Abeysekera and other famous cricket commentators.

5. Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew is a commentator who is much respected in the field of cricket commentary in spite of the fact that he had a brief career as a cricketer himself. Jonathan Agnew played just 3 Tests and 3 ODIs for England. He was into journalism from the time he was playing itself and so made a smooth transition into commentary.

He has been associated with BBC and is generally regarded as a cheerful and lively commentator. Popularly known as Aggers, a particular piece of his commentary that he delivered in 1991 during an England West Indies Test match has been voted by BBC Radio 5 Live as the greatest commentary ever. offers information on Jonathan Agnew and other famous cricket commentators.

6. Nasser Hussain
These days the smile that seems to flash from Nasser Hussains cheerful face looks genuine; he has after all every reason to be happy. If playing for England for nearly fourteen years and being called the best England captain since Mike Brearley are not reasons enough to be upbeat then there is the added joy being accepted as a good commentator too. Nasser Hussain has embarked on a new career path, though not without any remarkable departure from his previous one. He has been signed up by Sky Sports as a cricket commentator.

To many, Nasser Hussain was a thoughtful cricketer, and a captain who was never caught short of ideas. Nasser Hussain brings into the commentary box his thoughts and ideas, which are articulated in the most cogent of manners. offers information on Nasser Hussain and other famous cricket commentators.

7. Paul Allott
Paul Allot is a former English cricketer who is now a famous cricket commentator. Allot found more popularity with his second career as a commentator than he did with cricket. He is a regular on Sky TV and is considered by many as a top class commentator. His insightful and analytical comments are much appreciated. Also, being a former cricketer, he has first hand experience to back his commentary up.

Apart from being a commentator, a job he took up after retiring from cricket, he is also on the committee of the Lancashire County Cricket Club. offers information on Paul Allott and other famous cricket commentators.

8. Angus Fraser
Angus Fraser, the former England cricketer is a very famous cricket commentator today. He is associated with Sky Sports and Radio 5 and is a regular commentator during the England Tests. He is a famous commentator and in the past couple of years he has gained immense popularity.

A striking feature of Angus Frasers commentary is his honesty. He is known to give some of the most unbiased and true opinions and thus is both loved and respected. His commentary is also entwined with a lot of humor and what the listeners particularly enjoy are his frequent narrations of his own experiences while playing. offers information on Angus Fraser and other famous cricket commentators.

9. David Frith
David Frith is one of the most famous and respected cricket historians. He has worked extensively on cricket and his contribution towards the game is immense. Though he never played the game, his research has enabled cricket lovers all over the world to know more about the history of cricket and so on.
10. Dermot Reeve
Dermot Reeve was once a television commentator for Channel 4 until he was forced to quit following a disclosure of his cocaine addiction. Dermot Reeve had started as an international player for Hong Kong in 1982, before moving to England to play county cricket for Sussex. Later he moved to Warwickshire, which he captained for many seasons. Dermot Reeves all round skills won him a berth in the England side for 3 test matches and 29 ODIs.

Dermot Reeve joined Sky Sports in 1994 as commenator with outright views. offers information on Dermot Reeve and other famous cricket commentators.