the most stylish men ever

The Most Stylish Men Ever

the most stylish man in the world
1. Cary Grant
The epitome of the lessismore debonair gent, Cary Grant never failed to look absolutely dashing in his signature sharp Savile Row and luxe Italian tailoring.
2. DavidBeckham
From dodgy beginnings sarongs and tacky leather outfits, anyone? David Beckham has blossomed into a fully fledged fashion pro, whether hes suited and booted, or kicking back in jeans.
3. Marlon Brando
Marlon Brandos badboy biker style during the 50s the tough leather jacket, white T and jeans combo was groundbreaking at the time and adopted by disaffected youth the world over.
4. Benedict Cumberbatch
The man who inspired an early 10s fashion trend, Sherlock chic, Benedict Cumberbatch has won plaudit after plaudit for his floorsweeping coats, exquisite evening suits and general allround finesse.
5. Elvis Presley
Despite those gaudy 70s stage costumes, Elvis makes it into ourselection thanks to his trailblazing 50s and 60s looks, from the slick pompadour hair to the colourful snappy suits.
6. Kanye West
Yes, he can take himself and his style too seriously, but theres no denying Kanye Wests take on urban luxe has cemented his fashion icon status.
7. Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen is the quintessential mans man fashion icon, and words such as simple, allAmerican and masculinesum up his winning sense of style.
8. Sean Connery
When it comes to style, theres only one incarnation of 007 that matters: Sean Connerys. His Bond getup the threepiece suits with plain skinny ties and impeccable DJs is truly iconic.
9. Jimi Hendrix
Like his legendary guitarplaying style, Jimi Hendrixs fashion knowhow as illustrated by the flamboyant shirts, military jackets and velvet trousers has been much imitated but rarely bettered.
10. Michael Caine
TheGet Carterstar pretty much defined the mod look of the 60s, working a rollneck, slick Italianstyle suit and shiny pair of loafers better than anyone.