the most beautiful bays

The Most Beautiful Bays

A bay is loosely defined as a body of water partly enclosed by land.
1. the most beautiful bays
A bay is a body of water partly enclosed by land. A small bay is called a cove whereas a large bay can be called a gulf. Whatever size they are they re often stunningly beautiful. Check out some of the most beautiful bays in the world. (Pictured: Sydney Harbor)
2. Bay of Terre de Haut Guadeloupe
With small villages dotting its rolling hills and yachts in its waters this bay is deservedly described as one of the most beautiful in the world.
3. Trunk Bay St John US Virgin Islands
Nestled in the Virgin Islands National Park this bay boasts white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters.
4. Santorini Bay Greece
With white painted houses perched on its steep hills Santorini offers an unmatched view of the Aegean Sea.
5. Guanabara Bay Brazil
Surrounded by unusually shaped rocks and beaches the bay punctuates the breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro from the Serra do Mar mountains.
6. Phang Nga Bay Thailand
Located 60 miles off the coast of Phuket this bay is known for its aquatic grottoes and limestone islands.
7. Bay of Many Coves New Zealand
Close to a cycle trail in New Zealand this bay offers spectacular views from its hills.
8. Port Jackson Australia
Port Jackson is Sydney s natural harbour and includes several bays including the famous Sydney Harbour. It s the largest of its kind in the world.
9. Paradise Bay Antarctica
Among Antarctica s most beautiful places this bay is surrounded by ice cliffs and is perfect for penguin sighting.
10. Ha Long Bay Vietnam
With hundreds of green topped islands Ha Long (literally descending dragon ) Bay offers an unforgettable view of limestone karst pillars.

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