the lion and rabbit

The Lion and Rabbit

A beautifully story of 'The Lion and Rabbit' one of the much loved stories for kids.
1. Lion and Rabbit Step 1
Once upon a time there was a beautiful jungle.
2. Lion and Rabbit Step 2
There lived a very big, lazy and old lion.
3. Lion and Rabbit Step 3
Being the King of the jungle, the lion called all the animals and ordered them, Everyday one of you should come by yourself as my prey, otherwise i will destroy the whole jungle.
4. Lion and Rabbit Step 4
The animals were too scared of the lion and agreed to obey his order.
5. Lion and Rabbit Step 5
The animals planned to go one by one.
6. Lion and Rabbit Step 6
The lazy lion was happy with his easy prey. Days went by.
7. Lion and Rabbit Step 7
One day, it was the turn of the rabbits.
8. Lion and Rabbit Step 8
A little rabbit voluntarily agreed to go to the lions cage.
9. Lion and Rabbit Step 9
The little rabbit reached the lions den very late. The angry lion roared at the little rabbit and asked, Why are you late?
10. Lion and Rabbit Step 10
The rabbit acted wisely and told the king that, I met another lion on the way, which is bigger than you. It threatened to eat me.

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