the crazy and pick up trucks

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The Crazy and Pick Up Trucks

Holden is calling time on the pick-up truck that defined a nation.
21. Chevrolet Silverado Nascar race truck
Some of the more cumbersome North American market pick up trucks would rank among the last things you d ever want to take anywhere near a racetrack but race them people do. The Nascar Camping World Truck Series puts heavily modified trucks like this streamlined Chevy Silverado head to head on the most famous oval circuits in the US.

The Truck series kicked off with demonstration races at the 1994 Daytona 500 and has continued ever since. The race prepared machines produce up to 700hp from their 5.8 litre pushrod V8 engines.
22. Monster truck
We couldn t take a journey through the wonderful world of the pick up truck without touching on the phenomenon that is the monster truck. The lineage of these oversize modified pick ups can be traced back to the 1960s where
23. Giant Dodge Power Wagon
There are monster trucks and then there s this. Commonly believed to be the largest pick up truck on the planet, this giant Dodge Power Wagon is the work of Hamad bin Hamdan, the
24. Interstate Six
The British contribution to the pick up truck hall of fame isn t huge but when the custom alloy wheels firm 100+ International needed a promotional vehicle to raise the profile of its products in the mid 1980s, they did choose the very British Jaguar XJS. Then they turned it into a six wheeled pick up called the Interstate Six.
25. Chevrolet El Camino modified
The Chevy El Camino s cult status makes it a prime candidate for modification and El Camino hot rods are by no means the preserve of the US. This one was snapped at the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals classic car event in Stratford upon Avon.
26. Chevrolet Silverado Tonka truck
Here s a Chevrolet Silverado in a Tonka toy disguise to bring those childhood memories flooding back
27. Jeep Gladiator
Jeep is perhaps the greatest American off road car brand but we don t tend to associate it with pick ups. In fact, it s been building open backed utility vehicles for decades.

The Gladiator nameplate was originally used in the 1960s and early 70s before being dropped. This is Jeep s 2005 concept car take on what a reborn Jeep Gladiator might look like (a Jeep Wrangler with a load bay stuck on the back).
28. Mini pick up
The Mini s compact dimensions didn t make it an obvious choice for pick up truck conversion but convert it they did. The Mini Pick up was built on the longer Mini Van platform, but it was still only 3.4m long and weighed only 680kg. The tiny truck was launched in 1961 and produced until 1982, but was renamed the Mini 95 in 1978. A total of just over 58,000 were sold, presumably to owners who like making two trips.
29. USAF A 10 Monster truck
The US air force isn t known for its softly, softly approach so this gloriously over the top A 10 Monster Truck shouldn t come as too much of a surprise. The vehicle was created for an air force recruitment drive and is intended to resemble the A10 C Thunderbolt Warthog combat jet that s seen in the background.

Features include fake missiles, a front mounted machine gun and jet engines bolted on to the sides. On launching the vehicle in 2012, spokesperson Captain Heath Allen revealed that audio from the A 10 s 30mm Gatling gun will be made available in a cell phone ring tone as well. Can you think of a worse ringtone? Answers on a postcard
30. Morris Minor pick up
The Morris Minor was another British car to get the pick up treatment, but the original version didn t look quite like this yellow peril.

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