success tips for students

Success Tips For Students

Success Tips For Students
1. Work to Your Strengths
Research has shown that people who use their natural talents and gifts are happier and more successful than people who are trying to overcome a weakness. For example, if you are a math wizard, but hate writing essays, a career in journalism might be a stretch for your skill set. It sounds like a no brainer, but youd be surprised how often students let other people in their life (parents, spouses, friends, family members) unduly influence their career choice. Remember, its your life and youll be the one living with the positive and negative consequences of your decision. Havent identified your strengths yet? Visit the career center at your college for a variety of services at no charge. In addition, visit our Student Success Tools page.
2. Develop a Strong Work Ethic
Pursuing a degree is work that will pay off for years to come but, make no mistake, it is work. There will be times when you want to put off an assignment, intentionally turn in less than your best work or maybe even drop out. Make a commitment to yourself to work hard, do your best work and finish what youve started. Successful students persevere especially when they feel like quitting. Everyone has those feelings at one time or another. But successful students find the help they need to get through tough times. You may need to get extra help from your professor or a tutor, or you may need to ask a friend or colleague to be your cheerleader throughout your journey to success. Do what it takes to get the job done.
3. Plan Ahead
Dont wait until the last minute to do things (for example, apply for admissions and or financial aid, register for classes, complete your assignments or head out to class). By starting tasks early, you will ensure that you have time to take care of any unforeseen obstacles that might cause delays. If you know that it takes 15 minutes to get to class in good traffic, give yourself an extra 15 minutes in case there is a traffic jam. If you have a major project that counts for two test grades, dont wait until the night before it is due to start. You might have problems finding the information you need; your computer might break or your printer might run out of ink.
4. Make Connections
According to the 2009 Community College Survey of Student Engagement, students who have personal relationships with other students, college faculty and employees are more likely to succeed and accomplish their educational goals. Why As mentioned above, there will be times in your college career (and your life) when you feel like giving up. When you do, it helps tremendously to have others around you who care enough to encourage you to persevere and who can offer strategies and alternatives that you may not have known or considered before. The following are some ways you can make connections with others at your college.
5. Take Care of Your Body Mind and Spirit
Successful students know that their body, mind and spirit are interconnected. You wont do your best work in college if you have physical, mental or emotional challenges. How do you take care of yourself.
6. Control Their Calendars
Successful students dont rely on parents or teachers to tell them when assignments are due or when test dates are approaching. They mark special dates in their calendars and keep track of commitments and schedules.Successful students dont put others in charge of their lives.
7. Successful Students Prioritize
Do you like to stay out late with friends Do you like to go to parties Do you like to watch TV or play video games all night Well, who doesnt.Successful students take charge of their lives and balance their time between fun and work. They know that there is a time for all nighters, and its not during finals week.
8. Take Care of Themselves
Do you live on junk food and lay on the couch watching TV every night? Students with poor physical habits probably dont feel very energetic in the mornings, and they probably dont feel good sitting in class, either.Good food and a little exercise will clear your head, Students who eat junk in moderation (you really dont have to cut it out completely) and work out in some way are more likely to participate in sports. That means they have more balance in their lives, feel better in the mornings, and are more alert in class.You just have to change a few habits to feel better. Eat healthy foods, start walking more, take a yoga class, enroll in martial arts classes, or challenge yourself to do sit ups at night. Youll notice a change right away.
9. Focus
This is the single most important strategy for success in both high school and college (and at work). Focus on what you want, on what you are doing, on where you are at the moment. If you are in college, focus on each and every class and assignment. If you are in Chem I, focus on that class, that assignment, that grade. Dont let your attention be diluted with outside interests until your schoolwork is completed. You wont do well in International Politics if you are fighting with your significant other or worrying about what to wear to the football game this weekend.
10. Prioritize
Education is your 1 priority at this time in your life. All decisions must be made around that priority. Sure, it would be fun to spend your time off at the beach, but not if you have to finish a term paper. And it would be fabulous to hang out with your sorority sisters until 4:00 in the morning, but not if you have a final exam on cell mitosis at 9:00 the next day.