rules to play bobsleigh

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Rules to play Bobsleigh

21. Interesting Facts
The name bobsledding came from early racers bobbing their heads backwards and forwards. It didnt work, but the name stayed with the sport. Bobsleigh and bobsledding are both correct names for the large sled made up of two sections linked together. The frame is made of metal, the shell of fiberglass or similar material. There are two sizes, twoman and fourman. Until the 1950s, U. S. bobsledders were the best in the world, in part because of technological innovations. Bob and Bill Linney in the late 1930s built a twoman sled with a steel plank as the linkage. The planks flexibility allowed much greater speed through turns. Olympic bobsledding competitions include twoman and fourman. In the Olympics and other major competitions, the bobsled run is at least 1,500 meters (about 1,640 yards) long and it has about 15 or 20 turns. The average slope ranges between 8 and 15 percent.
22. Electronic Equipment
In the time during which the track is subject to the control of the FIBT (official training and races), no electronic or electrical measuring devices or equipment legalized by the FIBT may be used on the sled, on the team or on t he track. TV cameras belonging to the official producer are not subject to this article. In cases of exception, the FIBT or the Jury concerned can allow specific measurements. In these cases, all the participants must be made aware of the results of the m easurements.
23. Clothing
Training and race suits with short pants and short sleeves ar e not allowed. No aerodynamic elements whatsoever may be attached either outside or under the race suit. Race suits must be manufactured from an uncoated textile.
24. Bobsleigh Properties
Bobsleigh Weights Minimum weight and maximum weight of the bobs are limited. The following is allowed 1) Minimum weight (bob including runners, excluding the crew) Two men bob 170 Kg; Four men bob 210 Kg 2) Maximum w eight (including crew members and equipment required) Two men bob 390 Kg; Four men bob (Men and/or Women) 630 Kg; Womens bob 340 Kg
25. This will create some excitement
Humphries and Heather Moyse won the womens gold at the Sochi Games followed by a pair of American sleds Meyers Taylor with Lauryn Williams and Jamie Greubel with pusher Aja Evans.
26. The Race
A bobsled race takes place on a specially built track called a run. The FIBT has standards for all new bobsled runs, which must also be usable for luge and skeleton races. There are 16 bobsled runs in the world, and 14 have FIBT approval. FIBT standards regulate the length, curve construction, vertical drop and centrifugal force the bobsledders experience in curves. Whenever possible, new tracks follow the curves of the terrain to minimize environmental impact. Of all of the bobsled runs in the world, only one, located in St. Mortiz, Switzerland, uses entirely natural snow and ice. One curve in the St. Moritz run has stone reinforcements. The rest of the worlds bobsled runs are made from metal and concrete. Before the race, people cover the concrete with snow, then soak the snow with water. The resulting ice forms the surface for the race.
27. The Physics of Bobsledding
Winning a bobsled race starts long before the pushoff stretch it starts with the design of a fast, efficient bobsled. A good bobsled has to take advantage of the physical forces that help it accelerate, and it has to minimize the forces that slow it down. Acceleration due to gravity is the same for all of the bobsleds in the race its the physical constant of 9.8 meters per second squared. Drag, friction, and momentum, on the other hand, all vary based on bobsled design and can affect how much the bob actually accelerates. The strongest, fastest, most skilled team in the world cannot compensate for a bob design that ignores these factors.

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