reasons to love the monsoon

Reasons To Love The Monsoon

1. Low numbers
The steady flow of lobster red tourists in the high season trickles to a mere drip when the rains come. For adventurous tourists this can be a major boon better prices, hotels and dhows all to yourself, and a more authentic experience. For residents it can be a time to just enjoy a slower pace of life and a little more room in the streets.
2. Better sleep
I cant be alone in thinking that theres something about the heavy rains of April and May that increase the pull of gravity. Woken up in the middle of the night by its beginning, the woosh of a heavy pour is the best lullaby. REM cycles go deeper and sleep can last for hours. For someone who usually sleeps fitfully at best, the deep slumber of the rainy season is a treat.
3. The smell
The spice island itself generally smells pretty fabulous, but a few locations in Stone Town can often get a little. ripe around garbage collection time. When the clouds open, all that gets washed away. The smell after the rain is one of lifes great pleasures, and with a soupcon of aromatic spices in the mix, including glorious cloves, it can be intoxicating.
4. Soak up some culture
If youre usually a beach bum, a rainy day might be just what you need to force you to get off the lounge chair and exchange the rays for a little culture. Zanzibars live music, museums and architecture deserve as much love as its fabulous coastline.
5. Get a little closer
A rainy day is the perfect excuse to cuddle on the couch with the object of your affection. If youre unattached but have your eye on someone, try to get caught in the rain near their house theyll invite you in, make you tea, before you know it, here comes a baby in a baby carriage. Just call me Cupid.
6. Excuse not to go out
You know when its nice out, and your friends are calling you to meet for drinks or beach time, and you dont really feel like it but dont have a good reason? Sorry, I dont want to go out in the rain just sounds so much better than Sorry, I know its a beautiful day, but Id prefer to sit on my couch and watch reruns of 30 Rock while licking peanut butter off a spoon.
7. Get to know someone new
Getting caught out in the rain in Zanzibar leaves you with two options: huddle under the eaves, chatting with locals or manning up and getting soaked. Try striking up a conversation with a fellow under eave waiter and you might just make a new friend.
8. Act like a kid
If hanging out under an awning doesnt appeal, take door number two and just go for it. Embrace the fact that you are going to get so soaked you may as well have jumped in the ocean. Enjoy it find a post or a tree and do your best Gene Kelly, jump in puddles, take off your shoes and act like a kid again. Youre getting wet anyway.
9. Kerala Turns Romantic during Monsoon
What is more romantic than the sound of rain? The green ambience of Kerala and constant downpours makes it a romantic spot for many couples out there. It opens several getaways for them to escape with their partners and spend memorable time tohgether. Some of places to visit in Kerala in monsoon are Kerala backwaters, Wayanad, Vagamon, Poovar Island, Bekal beach, Alappuzha, Munnar, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Thekkady. These countless number of destinations looks even more beautiful during rain and can offer you spectacular sightseeing spots and romantic honeymoon spots during your trip.It has more such hideouts and getaways that can enthrall you and make your monsoon trip to Kerela most memorable.
10. Discounts on High Prices during Monsoon
As you already know that Kerala is a rainy state and it has contributed to its lush greenary, but this is not the only reason why we are asking you to plan your trip to Gods own country. Kerala offers huge discounts during monsoon season, which stays from June to August and October to November. It opens enormous options available on Internet where discount on Kerala hoilday packages with usually 30 % or 50% off on rooms and travels are common. Most hotels and homestays offer discount between 20 50 % and even Keralas famous backwater houseboats offer attarctive deals to the visitors.Kerala is an expensive place to travel in India but it is also countrys most prosperous states that can be best travelled during monsoon. You must plan your visit to Kerala now before its too late and monsoon seasons sets off.