reasons tim tebow breaks the mold

Reasons Tim Tebow Breaks The Mold

There are probably very few places in the world where the Tim Tebow.
1. Miracle Child
Due to severe complications doctors expected a still birth and strongly suggested an abortion to Tims mother in order to save her life. She refused, and in 1987 Tim Tebow was
2. Born in the Philippines
His parents were Baptist missionaries to the island nation which led to Tim being born in the sprawling metropolis of Makati City.
3. Homeschooled
Along with all of his siblings, Tim was homeschooled up until the day he left to play at the University of Florida.
4. Impacts Legislation
Primarily as a result of being a successful homeschooled athlete, he has several pieces of legislation named after him that are intended to provide equal access to high school athletics for homeschooled students.
5. Played on a Broken Fibula
Originally thought by the high school coaching staff to be a bad cramp, Tim continued to play in games even rushing for a 29 yard touchdown at one point. Eventually, however, the extent of his injury was discovered and he was held out for the rest of his junior season.
6. All American in High School
In spite of the stigma surrounding homeschooled athletes, Tim ended up playing in the high school All American Bowl which features the top 78 senior high school football players in the nation.
7. Made Florida s All Century Team
In 2007 Tim was named to Floridas All Century Team that featured the top 33 players from Floridas 100 year history of high school football.
8. Works Out Like A Grizzly
Flipping tires, pushing SUVs, dragging sleds, its almost like hes a superhero or something
9. He s a Superhero
Marvel artists have actually immortalized him as Super Tim who made his debut on Sportscenter recently.
10. Youngest of 5 Siblings
As if having brothers and sisters isnt hard enough, being the youngest of 5 is bound to make you