ranking all nfl teams from least to most valuable

Ranking All NFL Teams From Least To Most Valuable

1. Buffalo Bills
Terry Pegula and his wife became heroes among local football fans when the owners of National Hockey League franchise the Buffalo Sabres swooped in and bought the Buffalo Bills. There were, until that transaction was finalized, rumors that the Bills could relocate, most likely to Toronto, if a local businessperson did not step up and invest the necessary money to keep the club in western New York. Pegula has assured fans of the Bills that the franchise will not be going anywhere, which is wonderful news for what is truly a great sports community that deserves NFL football.Current Value: $1.4 Billion
2. Oakland Raiders
The worth of the Oakland Raiders should be on the rise and soon following the 2015 NFL regular season. Oakland has until the end of the year to guarantee that the Raiders will have a shiny new home in the area, or else the franchise will begin taking steps to relocate to another city. Los Angeles continues to be mentioned as a future home of a team, and it is possible that the Raiders and San Diego Chargers could come together to form a partnership that would see those franchises share a stadium. The St. Louis Rams are also believed to be a possible option for the city of Los Angeles.Current Value: $1.43 Billion
3. Detroit Lions
The Detroit Lions, according to Forbes, increased the prices of season tickets by four percent heading into the 2015 NFL regular season. While that is an understandable decision when you consider the worth of such seats and also the amount of money that is being spent on the roster of the Lions, fans want to see more than just professional football in Detroit eight times a season. The Lions are one of 13 teams in the league to have never won a Super Bowl, and the club has not come all that close to doing so in over two decades.Current Value: $1.44 Billion
4. Cincinnati Bengals
The Cincinnati Bengals have become somewhat of the red headed stepchild among AFC North franchises
5. St Louis Rams
Not so fast, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. You may have some competition for a Los Angeles stadium from the St. Louis Rams. It is now public knowledge that Stan Kroenke is looking to build a stadium in Inglewood, California, one that would be perfect for an NFL franchise. It has been speculated for years that St. Louis would not be the home of the Rams by the end of the current decade, and local fans of the club may not be able to do much but watch their favorite team for as long as they can before the Rams pack up and head out west.Current Value: $1.45 Billion
6. Jacksonville Jaguars
It is a poorly kept secret that the NFL wants to expand globally, including exploring the option of moving a current franchise or starting a new team overseas. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the team consistently linked with those whispers, in part because of who owns the club. Along with owning the Jaguars, Shahid Kahn is also the main man in charge of English club Fulham. With Tottenham Hotspur and the NFL coming to terms on an agreement that will include Tottenham and the NFL sharing a stadium, rumors claiming that a team will one day play eight home games in London are likely not disappearing in the near future.Current Value: $1.48 Billion
7. Tennessee Titans
Those running the Tennessee Titans are hoping that the club has the league s next big thing at the quarterback position. Marcus Mariota has impressed since his early days in the NFL, and he posted what was, according to the stats, a perfect performance versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his official regular season debut. No reasonable individual is preparing a parade in Tennessee or a Hall of Fame speech for Mariota in September of this year, but the product of the University of Oregon seems to have the goods to consistently win on Sundays so long as he can avoid the issues that often plague young quarterbacks.Current Value: $1.49 Billion
8. Cleveland Browns
The former minority investor in AFC North side the Pittsburgh Steelers has not been shy about spending money on the Cleveland Browns. He has completed a transaction that cost him slightly less than $1 billion to take the Browns over from former owner Randy Lerner. Haslam and the Browns announced in the fall of 2013 that the team would be pumping around $120 million into FirstEnergy Stadium for improvements to the home of the club that opened back in 1999. It is now on quarterback Johnny Manziel, the former Johnny Football, to make the Browns a valuable team on the field.Current Value: $1.5 Billion
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
One could say that the biggest investments made by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in recent memory have been on young offensive talent who will hopefully carry the club to greatness and soon. Wide receiver Mike Evans, a college teammate of the previously mentioned Johnny Manziel, had a stellar rookie season in 2014. The Buccaneers handed the keys of the offense over to rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, a Heisman Trophy winner and first overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, during the summer of this year. Winston has the physical tools to be a winning pro quarterback, but he now has to show that he can learn and understand the NFL game.Current Value: $1.51 Billion
10. New Orleans Saints
2015 is supposed to be the year when the New Orleans Saints experience a downfall that will lead to a reset of the current roster. Superstar tight end Jimmy Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks during the offseason. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees will turn 37 years old next January, and Brees did show his age during portions of the 2014 season. Brees has been one of the great quarterbacks of his generation, a Super Bowl champion and Most Valuable Player. No player, not even Brees, can outrun time, and the Saints will soon have to go in a different direction at the QB position.Current Value: $1.52 Billion