party games

Party Games

1. Balloon Race
Put small inflated balloons on serving spoons and ask the children to run a short distance without letting the balloon fall off the serving spoon. You could also have a relay race if there are more than 10 children. Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins.

In relay race, each child could be asked to burst the old balloon and carry on with a new balloon
2. Sack Race
Take old pillow covers as sacks and ask the children to get into them. Then let them run with their sacks for a short distance. Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins.

A few chocolates could be kept which they would pick with their mouths and eat as they run to the finish line.
3. Counting in two languages
Children will stand in a circle and each of them will count consecutively one after the other but one speaks the count in English and the other in the local language. Whoever fumbles or takes a long time is out. The child who is left at the end is the winner. Every time a child is out, it is started all over again with the next child starting with one.

Children can be asked to pass a pillow while they speak
4. Upcoming hairstylist
This game is conducted in pairs. Each pair will be given a packet of straws and pins. One of the two players has to come up with a funky hairstyle on the other using those straws and pins. The pair whose hairstyle looks the most attractive wins.

Can keep a time limit for the game to become faster and interesting.
5. Ad mad game
For this you would need a list of tag lines or sounds of common ads that come on tv. One person would have to conduct the game by saying one tag line or the sound and children would raise hands to tell which is the product that the line or sound is related to. The child with maximum number of correct guesses wins.

Introduce some tongue twisters in between for children who are not able to answer at all.
6. Pin the Clown s nose
For this you would have to make a clown on a chart paper n leave its nose blank. Each child will be blind folded and would have to put a mark inside that nose with a red marker. The child who puts the mark perfectly on the clown's nose, wins.

Instead of the marker you can use things like- round shaped stickers, a small red ball with a double tape on its one end or a small inflated red balloon with a double tape on one end.
7. Balloon Dance
This game is played in pairs. Children stand back to back with a big balloon in between. When the music is played, they dance together without letting the balloon burst or fall. The pair left in the end is the winner.

The children could dance and move towards a finish line.
8. Jumping rewards
A few chocolates or toffees are hung on a string (or a clothesline) and the children are then asked to jump and catch the chocolates or toffees with their mouths and collect in their respective baskets/bowls in a given time limit. Whoever collects the maximum chocolates or toffees, wins.

Two elders could hold each end of the string and manipulate it according to the jumping skills of the children.
9. Hit the Jackpot
Divide the children in 2 teams (team A and team B). Each group has to work together and find clues to a jackpot which should be hidden in the most unlikely place. The clues should help the members to get to the jackpot. The team which finds the jackpot first wins.

Can make the clues a little confusing or indirect
10. Trash it in the bin
This game is played in member would be given a poly bag/basket/bowl and the other would be given sheets of newspaper and are asked to stand at a fixed distance apart. The child with newspaper has to make paper balls and aim it at the partner's bag/basket/ball in a given time limit. The pair with maximum number of paper balls aimed correctly, wins.

Ask the child who is holding the basket to dance while they try to get the paper balls in their ?bins'.

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