parachute activity

Parachute Activity

1. Crossing Over and Crossing Under
The kids kneel and make hard, fast waves, then when you call out the numbers the kids crawl ON the parachute instead of run under it. Another might be using the same numbering off and go under the chute (regular inside the mountain directions), call the number or whatever and those students go into the center and make statues (you can ask for different levels or whatever) then come back and call another group, etc.
2. Air Conditioner
Kids stand around the chute number them off. When you call a number, that group crawls under the parachute, lies down on their backs with feet crossed and hands covering eyes. Kids still around chute make fast waves to cool them off. Nice activity for the end of a lesson.
3. Mousetrap
Kids stand around parachute and hold it high above their heads (a very taut parachute is needed so have the kids take an extra step or two backwards). Number off the kids. When a number is called, those students become the mice. They must crawl under the parachute, trying to crawl out between the students still holding the chute and back under the chute as many times as they can. When you blow the whistle, students still holding the chute pull it quickly to the ground to see how many mice they can trap.
4. Parachute Basketball
Place two old bike tires on the parachute along with two different colored balls. Each team will try to make a basket with their ball in one of the tires. Of course, they will be flipping the chute in the process.
5. Parachute with Scooters
Another favorite is to place scooters under the parachute (4 5) and call a number. They will try to get on the scooter and get out before the chute lands on them (practice bubble lifts first).
6. Colored Chute
Finally, with a colored chute, the students are matched up by color and when called they must climb up the mountain as it falls to the ground (the procedure is lift, pull down hard, kneel on chute, and others climb.
7. Freeze
Students make big waves while music is playing, and freeze when music stops. Variations while making big waves to music and then freezing jump up and down with both feet off the ground; jump on one foot; other foot; make big waves while holding parachute behind instead of in front; kick feet under chute one at a time to see if you can touch with your toe; one hand on chute and one hand behind your head; make waves back and forth instead of up and down; etc.
8. Alligator
Students lay down on floor and pull parachute up to their chin. They must have their legs straight out under the chute and legs together. They pretend to be asleep with eyes closed. Teacher walks around and taps one student on the shoulder this student becomes the alligator. Alligator crawls quietly under parachute in order to eat other students. Alligator eats by quickly pulling the feet of another student. When a student is pulled under, they must SCREAM as loud as they can to warn others, and then they also become an alligator. Continue until all students are alligators, then start over.
9. Cat and Mouse
Students are all holding the parachute. Teacher walks around chute and taps every other student (you cant tap students standing next to one another or there wont be anyone left to hold the parachute youll get the students you miss the second time around). When you tap the students, alternate by telling the first student they are a mouse, the next they are a cat, the next they are a mouse, etc. until you have about three cats and three mice. Mice crawl under the parachute and hide. Cats crawl carefully on hands and knees on top of the parachute with their eyes closed. When whistle blows (or music starts), students still holding parachute make big waves. Mice crawl around underneath and try to avoid being tagged through the parachute by the cats. Cats open their eyes and crawl around the parachute, trying to tag as many mice as possible. IMPORTANT when their turn is up, they must go back to the same spot that they originated so you dont skip anyones turn.
10. Around the World
First, we are going to a rain forest in South America. Raise the chute up and leave it up until it comes down. While it is up, have 1s, 2s, etc. walk under the chute to a new spot. Next, take them to Antarctica. They must cross the ocean, so have them make waves. It was so cold down there we had to get inside an igloo. Have students raise the chute and sit inside of it. Next we went to Africa for some cave exploring. Have the students raise the chute, come down, and poke only their head inside. From there, we went to Europe to the Eiffel Tower. Have students raise the chute and take three huge steps toward the middle so the chute goes up very high. From there, we crossed the mountains into Asia. Have students raise the chute and put it under their knees on the ground. Call 1s, 2s, etc., and have them crawl to a different place while the chute is up. Next is Australia known for sharks. (Follow plans above for Crocodile, Shark, etc.). Finally, we headed back home to good old North America and Wichita, Kansas. Kansas is knows for TORNADOES. Have students shake the chute rapidly.