new year games

New Year Games

New Year's Eve means fun and games. Here are some fun new years party games.
21. Pick up
Have everyone stand in a circle facing outward with their arms linked together at the elbows. Place the prize, perhaps a $10 bill in the center of the circle. The object of Pick Up is very simple get the prize! Players may use their hands but their arms must remain linked with the people on both sides. If the circle breaks the game starts over. The winner is the person who succeeds in picking up the prize.
22. Park bench
For this adult New Years Eve game you need to move two chairs together and have a lot of imagination. Pretend these chairs are a New York City park bench. The object of the game is to do whatever you can to make the person next to you move off of the park bench. For example, if you were sitting on one seat and a stranger came up to you and started hugging you, you would probably leave. When you succeed in making the person leave the seat, you move to that seat and its the next persons turn.
23. Wooden spoons
Guess someones identity by feeling them only with wooden spoons. One guest in blindfolded and sits in a chair. Each person stands or kneels in front of the blindfolded person. That person must guess each identity only by feeling them with the wooden spoons.
24. Aura
This game is a great spectator sport for New Years Eve. Set up several groups of two people. These people will compete with each other. Two partners stand face to face, arms extended, palms touching. Either blindfold each person or have them close their eyes. Have them turn around five times and try to find their partners palms again and return to their original positions without looking.