movie oddities that make no sense

Movie Oddities That Make No Sense

Movie Oddities That Make No Sense
1. X Men The Last Stand
If you ve seen this film then you know that Phoenix AKA Jean Grey literally crushes and tears everything and everyone apart. Sadly, in the final scene, where Wolverine kills her and saves the world, she s business as usual but she fails to rip off one thing and one thing only Wolverine s pants. Even his auto healing skin is about tobe ripped from his adamantium frame but his pants won t retreat no matter what! From what are they made of?
2. The Usual Suspects
We re not about to ridicule one of the greatest movies ever made with one of the best endings in film history. Nevertheless, we can t help but notice that Keyser Soze wasn t all that bright after all. Think about it: the man spent hours and hours in the police station talking with the cop, showing his face, when a faxed picture of him could ve arrived any minute.
3. Terminator
Seriously, why didn t Skynet just send more Terminators to finish the job? First it sent A Cyberdyne Systems series T 800 Model 101 Terminator, who failed miserably, and then it had to wait over a decade to send the liquid T 1000 who didn t manage to finish the job either. Why couldn t they send a dozen Terminators to make sure John Connor was dead?
4. Terminator 2 Judgment Day
In the first Terminator movie, its explained pretty clearly that only objects made of organic tissue can time travel, which is the main reason why Kyle Reese and the Terminator are both naked when they arrive. The problem is that T 1000 is made entirely of liquid metal and therefore has no tissue matter, so how was he able to time travel?
5. The Shawshank Redemption
A question I always have after watching this amazing movie was Who put the poster back in place after Andy s incredible successful escape? How exactly did he reattach the poster from inside the tunnel after going in head first?
6. The Karate Kid
In this classic 80s film which made Karate a major trend among youngsters we hear again and again how kicking your opponent in the face is illegal and won t be tolerated by the tournament s officials. However, Daniel san beats Jonny in the final with the legendary crane kick to the face, becomes a champion, and gets the girl too. So what? Just a minor little detail as long as it s the good guy doing the face smashing, right?
7. The Butterfly Effect
When Evan asks his cellmate to look at his hands for proof that he can time travel, he then travels back to when he was a kid and stabs his palms. He now has marks on his hands as proof. But if he got those marks when he was a kid he would have had marks on his hands when he went to jail, no? So the marks being there wouldn t have proved anything to anyone but Evan himself if you think about it.
8. Return of the Jedi
This is not just another oddity but probably one of the greatest blunders in modern film history: the Empire builds a second Death Star with the same incredible design flaw a straight path to its reactor that if blown, destroys the whole station.
9. Star Wars A New Hope
Wasn t the existence and identity of Vader s children supposed to be a secret? Why, then, did Luke have the name Skywalker, and why was he raised by Anakin s own family in a place that Anakin himself visited and knew about?
10. Skyfall
I happen to be one of those people who really loved Skyfall despite all the criticism it received for not being a typical Bond film. However, I noticed a few oddities in this superb film with the main one being Silva s ridiculous plan. It would take us pages to analyze all the steps of his ludicrous plan but we can t help but wonder: Did he really want to kill M or just cry like a baby in front of her for what she did to him? All you needed was a bullet Silva, not all this illogical and unnecessary drama.

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