most respected countries in the world

Most Respected Countries in the world

1. Canada
Apparently Canadas high self-image is warranted (second only to Australia), because the world agrees. Canadas appealing environment, effective government, and advanced economymake it the country with the highest perceived quality of life.
2. Norway
There are few things that Norway does poorly. Like Sweden, it ranked exceedingly well across the board.
3. Sweden
Not surprisingly, Sweden ranked at the top of nearly every dimension, but it was especially well regarded for the quality of its institutions.
4. Switzerland
Scoring extremely high in almost every category, along with Australia, Sweden, and Canada, Switzerland is always in the top 4.
5. Australia
Of all the countries on the list, Australia had by far the highest internal reputation (the way its own citizens and residents see the nation). It was followed by Canada, Russia, India, Germany, and the United States. And although the world didnt see Australia quite as rosily as Australians did, they still voted it into the number 5 spot, which is pretty darned good.
6. Finland
Another Nordic country, Finland performs exceedingly well in all three major categories. Perhaps the only downside for most people is the cold.
7. New Zealand
Thanks to extreme natural beauty, a strong economy, and a very efficient social infrastructure, New Zealand is seen by many as a very desirable place to live and work, if only it were closer.
8. Denmark
The first of several Nordic countries on our list, it comes as no surprise that Denmark is seen as one of the best places to live, work, and study.
9. Netherlands
The Netherlands is the first country on our list to score in the top 10 in all 3 categories (appealing environment, advanced economy, effective government).
10. Belgium
Scoring high in safety, ethics, responsible government, efficiency, and progressive policies, the capital of the European Union is known for more than just its tasty waffles.