most expensive handbags

Most Expensive Handbags

Most Expensive Handbags
1. Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag
The Birkin: is it the Holy Grail of all handbags? For many, yes. Yes it is. The Birkin typically costs around $20k, but if you really want to splurge, go for the Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag. At a mere $120,000, its much less expensive than Chanels Diamond Forever. A bargain! The 10 carats of diamonds encrusted on the Birkins hardware certainly add a nice bit of bling.
2. Chanel Diamond Forever Bag
Chanel bags are definitely pricey even the lowestpriced bags run well into the hundreds of dollars. But theyre nothing compared to the famed designers Diamond Forever purse. This bag, which retails for $261,000, features more than 3.5 carats of diamonds. Oh, and the hardware? White gold.
3. Leiber Precious Rose
Want to get more bling for your bucks? Check out Leibers Precious Rose handbag. This tiny little thing features more than 42 carats of jewels, including diamonds (of course), pink sapphires and tiny tourmalines, giving it a lovely pink shade, all in the shape of a positively perfect flower. If you want this, know its the ONLY one so if you drop the $92,000 to get it, at least you know you wont see anyone else carrying it.
4. Fendi B Bag
Ah, Fendi. Any selfrespecting high end handbag hoarder simply must have a Fendi B. Bag in heavy rotation. At $27,700, this gorgeous bag comes in white lambskin, black crocodile and several other designs. Beautiful
5. Fuchsia Diamond Encrusted Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag
ThisFuchsia DiamondEncrusted Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag just becamethe most expensive handbag ever sold at auction at
6. Ginza Tanaka Birkin Bag
This bag comes with a diamond sling that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, thus making it one of the most expensive twoinone pieces of all time. (Its $1.9 million). For this beautiful piece Hermes partnered with iconic Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka. The bag is quite an expensive take on the traditional Birkin, combining platinum, 2,000 diamonds, and a pearshaped 8karat stone that can also be removed and worn as a brooch.
7. Croc Biarritz
If you were willing to drop $43,150 on this oversized black crocodile skin tote, you would have been one of only eight in the world to own it.
8. Nancy Gonzalez Porousus Bag
This $30,000 is made with rare, almost uniformly scaled crocodile skin. You can also customize the color, skin, and hardware to match any of your ensembles.
9. Devi Kroell Alligator Hobo
Carry around your much less expensive laptop in this $28,990 hobo from Devi Kroell. There are even internal pockets to store your pens and pencils, and hundred dollar bills. The soft triangular shape gets its price because of the scales that are nearuniform in size. Not to mention that gorgeous golden color!
10. Special Order Horseshoe
This beautiful bag defines color blocking. The starting bid on this bag at the900Lot Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Auction took place in Dallas, Texas was$7000. It ended up going for $35,000.

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