most beautiful women in sports

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Most Beautiful Women in Sports

The one thing that captivates the mind of a male more than anything else is an attractive woman that
11. Allison Stokke
The dazzling, super talented and extremely strong Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter. Not only does this high flying athlete have the looks, but also she has the brains. She received a Master s degree from Cal Berkeley. But let s return to her form which is beyond dispute
12. Antonija Misura
She is the most stunning basketball player to ever lace up sneakers. Misura is widely known as the most beautiful sportswoman from Croatia. She never fails to turn heads when playing basketball, not only because of her being an outstanding team player but also because of her charming beauty. So thank you, London Olympics, for giving us a chance to meet this basketball dreamboat.
13. Maria Sharapova
Without a doubt she is the most attractive tennis player that s ever played the game. Her game impresses with strength, endurance and an incredible focus to achieve victory. She looks stunning off the court as well, and honestly, she is equally beautiful inside and out. Maria possesses excellent fashion sense, tremendous charisma and a cheerful personality. Unfortunately for her haters, Sharapova doesn t have to try hard to look good. Her hair is perfectly straight, naturally blond, and she barely needs any makeup as if she knows some magic beauty secrets. She is truly blessed with natural good looks.
14. Leryn Franco
Leryn Franco, the javelin throwing athlete and gorgeous Paraguayan model, participated in several beauty contests as well. Her javelin throws pierce the ground the same as her great smile and solid good looks have won our hearts. Franco was the most Goggled female athlete during the Beijing Games and the second MOST Googled athlete over all. But she is not just a pretty face, but also a talented athlete appearing at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics.
15. Roxy Louw
Roxy is a surfing babe from Cape Town and an Oakley model. This multi talented surfing diva is a South African surfing icon who turned supermodel and actress. Roxy was voted as one of FHM Magazine s 100 sexiest women in the world.
16. Ronda Rousey
Next round for Ronda Rousey, the best female MMA fighter, a model, and an Olympic medalist. It s quite enough to be an average mainstream sports star. Ronda s like a hurricane, beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
17. Destinee Hooker
Destinee is an American volleyball player, a member of the US Women s National Volleyball Team. Destinee was a two sport athlete in college and succeeded in both volleyball and track & field. After college she decided to continue in volleyball and not without reason, as she became one of the best players in the world. She s just as good on the court as she is on the eyes.
18. Blair ONeal
She is a drop dead beautiful professional golfer from Arizona. Blair has found a way to combine her two passions modeling and golfing, yet she considers herself a golfer first. Recently she became one of Golf Magazine s Most Beautiful Women in Golf .
19. Christina Vukicevic
Christina Vukicevic is a Norwegian hurdler. This stunner totally deserves to make a list of the most beautiful women in sports. She won medals at many European competitions has the strong good looks to win our hearts as well.All the guys think she could be their one and only.
20. Sophie Horn
Horn is a professional golfer from England and has gained mass stardom for her exploits modeling throughout the world. She s played golf her whole life after growing up ona golf course and started turning head early when she won the Norfolks County Championship three consecutive times and won the Under 21 title at age 15. She s since embraced modeling and we re not complaining about it

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