most beautiful christian college and university campuses in the world

Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World

Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World
1. Uganda Christian University
Uganda Christian University, set in the heart of the beautiful continent of Africa, is arguably one of the most beautiful college campuses throughout not only Africa, but the world. Right in the city of Mukono, Uganda, about 25 kilometers outside the capital city of Kampala, the college is surrounded by both natural and man made beauty. Rich in history, the campus of UCU is a great site. The university resides on the historical campus of Bishop Tucker College, one of the oldest institutions in Uganda s history, dating back to 1913, when the local chief, Hamu Mukasa, granted the university the land to build a school. The university has resided on the historical campus since 1997, when it was founded by the Anglican Church of Uganda, and now has a much more modern feel, architecturally, but still remains rich in the history it was founded on.
2. International Christian University Tokyo Japan
International Christian University (ICU) was founded in 1949 to emphasize peace and reconciliation. The main campus, a blend of ancient and modern times sits on 150 serene, wooded acres in west Tokyo. It provides the perfect atmosphere for peace. It is a one hour train ride away from downtown Tokyo. ICU s campus is built on ancient pre Jomon and Joman remains, yet internet access is available all around the campus. Students at ICU have the unique opportunity to engage in archeological fieldwork. Excavated items are displayed in the Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum. In a lovely, quiet wooded area on campus, the Taizanso Garden is accessible through a large thatched gate. The garden was established in the 1920s and includes a traditional Japanese tea house and the historic One Mat Room. The One mat room was constructed of beautiful wood gathered from sacred, historic sites all around Japan.
3. Belmont University Nashville Tennessee
Nashville s Belmont University is a nondenominational Christian liberal arts college known for its groundbreaking music business courses. Belmont was initially founded at its present site as a women s seminary back in 1890 and didn t enter its current incarnation until the 1950s. The 75 acre campus plays host to various grand, elegant and strikingly beautiful buildings. Chief among them, though, is Belmont Mansion, an elaborate, Greek Revival and Italianate styled antebellum structure that is on the National Register of Historic Places and now serves as a museum. The home and its estate were originally developed in the mid 19th century by owners Adelicia and Joseph Acklen. Meanwhile, the campus other pride and joy is the iconic 160 year old Belmont University Bell Tower, whose carillon the first in Tennessee s history is played for college events and holidays.
4. Silliman University Dumaguete Philippines
It was partly the area s outstanding splendor that convinced American missionary Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard to found Silliman Institute in the Philippines city of Dumaguete back in 1901. That splendor is still evident today thanks to the university s scenic 150 acre main campus, seaside setting, and buildings like Silliman Hall which since 1970 has housed the school s anthropology museum. Silliman Hall s Stick style architecture nods to the institution s American origins, with the structure even incorporating materials recovered from an old New York theater. Guy Hall, finished in 1918, is another interesting looking older construction, while various more modern buildings are also present. Silliman University has Presbyterian roots but is currently a nonsectarian Christian school. It achieved university status in 1938 and today educates around 10,000 students in undergraduate, master s and doctoral programs.
5. LeTourneau University Longview Texas
LeTourneau University s 162 acre main campus is nestled on the site of a disused World War II era military hospital in Longview, Texas. It still retains the hospital s picturesque, white walled Speer Chapel, which originally opened in 1943 and boasts wooden sash windows together with an eye catching steeple overlooking its gabled roof. Another striking feature on the grounds of the interdenominational school is the Jeannette S. Belcher Memorial Bell Tower. Completed in 1990, this centerpiece houses the college s carillon and lies amid the beautiful lawns and walkways of the university mall. Although it was set up in 1946 as the LeTourneau Technical Institute, the school earned university status in 1989 and currently offers upwards of 80 graduate and undergraduate programs.
6. Hope International University Fullerton California
The unusual and striking design of some of Hope International University s 18 acre campus could almost have been lifted from the pages of an old science fiction book. Inspired by the Space Age and the automobile culture of Southern California, architects Arm
7. Spring Arbor University Spring Arbor Michigan
Home to Spring Arbor University, Michigan s Spring Arbor is aptly named featuring as it does abundant artesian water springs that form a number of the community s waterways and lakes. The rural 100 acre main campus of the university is itself full of beautiful greenery, as well as eye catching modern structures. Standing tall among these is the McKenna Carillon Tower, which boasts clocks on all four sides and can be heard chiming hourly. Dedicated in 2005, this attractive edifice serves as a symbol of the university s commitment to education and God, with the institution s mission statement and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral inscribed on the tower s four entries and pedestals, respectively. The current principal campus was established in 1873 as a Free Methodist Church seminary and grew to achieve higher education status 90 years later. It now has an undergraduate and postgraduate student body of just over 4,100.
8. Azusa Pacific University Azusa California
The interdenominational, evangelical Azusa Christian Pacific University educates over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students across its eight Southern California locations, including its main campus in Azusa. The school was founded in 1899 in Whittier, California, becoming the first Bible college established along the U.S. West Coast. It moved to Azusa in 1946 and obtained university status in 1981. Among the Azusa campus most eye catching features is the John and Marilyn Duke Academic Complex, which was dedicated in 2003 and accommodates several academic departments, a lecture space, classrooms, and even a pair of art galleries. International firm HMC Architects turned what was once an industrial warehouse into a sleek facility that nevertheless nods to its past through the use of metal, concrete and wire mesh.
9. Grace College and Theological Seminary Winona Lake Indiana
Grace College grew out of Grace Theological Seminary and now includes five schools at its main campus offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a variety of subjects from business, to engineering, to bible and theology. Located in historic resort town, the school s campus is a combination of modern elegance and historic charm. The elegant Westminster Hall and stately Mount Memorial Hall anchor the school solidly in its 77 year history, while the brand new modern design of the Manahan Orthopaedics Capital Center, which includes a sports arena and classrooms, points forward to Grace College s future. Nearby Winona Lake offers several scenic views and opportunities for recreation.
10. Judson College Marion Alabama
Elegant Jewett Hall the heart of Judson College s Marion, Alabama campus has had the misfortune of burning down twice. The original Greek Revival style building dated back to 1840 but succumbed to fire in 1888, while the structure built in its place was struck by lightning in 1947; the subsequent reconstruction was completed in 1951, and this version still stands to this day. A major renovation of the building in 2003 by Alabama and Georgia based firm Davis Architects also saw the hall s distinctive cupola tower, as well as roof and windows, get a total refresh. Judson College has the honor of being the only women s college in the state of Alabama and is the fifth oldest women specific institution in the country. The Alabama Baptist Convention affiliated school owes its 1838 founding to people from the Siloam Baptist Church. Today, Judson s beautiful, rural 80 acre campus is an educational hub for its small undergraduate student body of around 322.

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