mind blowing beauty tricks

Mind Blowing Beauty Tricks

Mind-Blowing Tips That Will Forever Change the Way You Do Your Hair and then take the pins out once
1. Perfume scented hair
Sometimes your hair can smell less like your favorite shampoo and conditioner and more like your overheated, styled and fried hair. Solve the problem by spraying perfume into your hair following this simple guide.
2. Kitchen beauty tricks
Stop what youre doing right now and pin this fabulous site that provides uses for everything from your kitchen including honey, brown sugar, strawberries and more
3. Inexpensive Hollywood beauty tricks
Want to look like a star without paying for a glam squad? Pin these five Hollywood tips for cheap and awesome looks.
4. Visine for pimples
Want to know what to do in case of a zit emergency? Pin this Visine remedy to reduce acne redness.
5. How to cover anything
From pimples to cold sores, this pin has you covered pun intended
6. Contour like a pro
Want to look Kardashian pretty? No worries with this pin meant to hack yourself to flawless.
7. Dry skin remedies
With cold weather drying out your skin, it would be beneficial to pin this Lauren Conrad guide all about nixing dry skin.
8. Shave less
If it will allow you to trim your shaving days down, then its definitely worthy of your Pinterest boards.
9. Hairbrush guide
Ever wander through Target wondering why on Earth you would need such a variety of hair brushes? Wonder no longer with this guide for every brush type on the market.
10. Makeup brush guide
From hair brushes on to makeup brushes, pin this guide so you know exactly what you need when fancying up your face.

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