how to clean jewelry

How to Clean Jewelry

How to Clean Gold Jewelry. Unlike silver, gold doesn't develop a dull tarnished finish over time.
11. Soak the jewelry in the mixture for no more than one minute
Dont let jewelry sit in the ammonia mixture for too long as a strong base, ammonia can be slightly corrosive. To quickly remove all of the jewelry at once, use a kitchen strainer like you might use when cooking pasta. Either fish the jewelry out with a handheld strainer or upend the bowl into a larger strainer in the sink.
12. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly under running water
Plug or cover the drain of the sink to prevent losing any precious jewelry that slips out of your hand. Alternatively, simply use the strainer you used to get your jewelry out of the ammonia.
13. Gently dry the jewelry with a soft polishing cloth
Allow jewelry to air dry on a towel completely before wearing it.
14. Cleaning Jewelry with Glued In Gemstones
15. Know which types of jewelry should be kept dry
Pieces of jewelry withgemstones
16. Wipe the jewelry with a wet soapy cloth
17. Rinse the jewelry with a cloth dampened with plain water
Gently dab a wet cloth onto the jewelry, taking care to soak up any leftover soap suds.
18. Lay or hang the pieces upside down after cleaning
19. Cleaning Jewelry with Toothpaste
How to Use
20. Mix a small quantity of toothpaste and water
Squeeze about an inch of toothpaste into a bowl (or your palm!) and mix with a tablespoon or two of water to make a light paste. As a mild abrasive, toothpaste is good for loosening up grime thats accumulated on your favorite pieces of gold jewelry without scratching the jewelry. You can use this method for frequentlyworn gold items that need a quick clean or when you dont have access to other cleaning materials (like when youre traveling.)

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