homemade christmas food gifts

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts
11. Shrimp Rillettes
Rillettes are a rich, p
12. Triple Nut Biscotti
This nutty biscotti is the perfect warm weather complement to the season s rich coffees and hot chocolate. Store in a tightly covered container at room temperature after baking and cooling.
13. Lemon Meringue Drops
These melt in your mouth meringues are both crunchy and cloud light and require only five ingredients.
14. Macadamia Triangles
Macadamias are the most luxurious of nuts, and they re worth every penny. These rich cookies a perfect special occasion treat your hostess will love. Wrap them well try festive gift wrap up to 3 days.
15. Malted Milk Bars
Milkshake fans will adore these superlative bars. The frosting is made with malted milk powder and sprinkled with chopped malted milk balls.
16. Salted Caramel Bark
Sweet, salty, and crunchy, you ll want to make this addictive bark in big batches it s sure to go quickly With only 5 ingredients and a quick prep time, this is the perfect gift to make on short notice.
17. Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Chocolaty, gooey, and accented with the tart taste of cranberry, this cookie is a fun twist on the good ol chocolate chip cookie. Store cookies, layered with waxed paper, in airtight containers (try decorative tins) in refrigerator for up to 1 week or in freezer for up to 1 month.
18. Chocolate Almond Clusters
This might be one of the easiest dessert recipes out there the prep time is quick and it only requires two ingredients. Refrigerate the chocolate clusters up to 1 month in an airtight container, but don t be surprised if they re gone a lot earlier.
19. Cookie Jigsaw
This cookie is more than just a tasty treat it s also a fun puzzle.
20. Aunt Marthas Nutmeg Bells
Not only are these mouthwatering cookies low in calories, but they can also double as ornaments. Just make a hole with a drinking straw at the top of each cookie before baking once they re baked and frosted, thread nylon fishing line through the holes. Don t be surprised if your friends have trouble deciding whether to eat or display these pretty treats.

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