healthy and delicious summer snacks

Healthy and Delicious Summer Snacks

Summertime is here so it's time to think about healthy and delicious snacks for summer.
31. Watermelon Pop Stars
These starry fruit pops make a cool treat for your Fourth of July celebration.
32. Cherry Lime Slurpee
As a kid in Texas I grew up with an affinity towards the 7Eleven Slurpee
33. Garden Octopus
Tis the season for gardens and farmers markets to be overflowing with local veggies. Encourage your kids to try a fresh bell pepper by turning it into a crunchy creature from the deep.
34. Red White and Blue Popsicles
Summer is synonymous with popsicles and theres nothing like a sweet and cold popsicle melting down your chin. When the temperatures heat up its a common sight to see my daughter and dog sitting outside on the porch covered in a tasty yet sticky mess. These red white and blue popsicles are the best of them all. Made with pure fruit and healthy yogurt this tempting treat is the perfect summer and Fourth of July dessert!