greatest concept cars ever

Greatest Concept Cars Ever

Favourite Experimental Cars, from the very first concept car ever to 21st century .
1. Ford Probe
Built to achieve better aerodynamics than a jet fighter, named to sound like an uncomfortable medical procedure. Seriously, though, the Probe was a fourseater with a lower drag coefficient than any production car today. It also looked like it was hovering, from a certain angle.
2. Alfa Romeo Caimano
A sportier version of the small Alfasud saloon, the Caimano offered great views of the sky and trees if you were inside it, and if you were outside it you got a great view of some people feeling uncomfortably hot inside their airless fishbowl of a car. It did look rather cool, but best driven at night.
3. Ferrari 512S Modulo
In 1970, after a decade of increasingly bizarre concept designs, Ferrari decided to make a car that was almost completely flat and as a result, almost completely impossible to drive. It is beauitfully aerodynamic, but very few people would actually be able to get inside the Modulo, let alone pilot it. Still, itd look nice in the drive, until you accidentally parked on top of it.
4. Italdesign Aztec
Sculpted from carbon fibre, Kevlar, aluminium and pure, distilled madness, the Aztec is the height of 80s automotive lunacy. The driver and passenger sit in separate cockpits, so if you want to have a conversation you need to use an intercom.Under the hood is a more conventional 250bhp Audi fivecyliner engine.

ItalDesign never intended to build the Aztec, but a Japanese multimillionaire decided it was his kind of crazy and ordered 50 (they stopped after 18).
5. Ford GT90
Leaving aside that dated background, its hard to tell the spaceage Ford GT90 was first revealed to the world more than 17 years ago. Pumping out 720bhp from a quadturbocharged V12, it could accelerate to 60mph in 3.1 seconds and up to 100mph in 6.2 seconds, before going onto a lightning top speed of 235mph. Were talking Bugatti Veyron performance, but way before it even existed.

Because of the heat spewed out from the V12, the spiritual successor to the GT40 was said to use Space Shuttle ceramic tiles to keep the exhaust from melting body panels.
The BMW GINA ? a rather torturous acronym for Geometry and functions In N Adaptations ? does away with traditional rigid body materials in favour of a manmade fabric skin that is durable, resilient and able to cope with high and low temperatures. The result is a car that can change shape thanks to a moveable frame.

Besides looking revolutionary, that spandex (we kid you not) exterior means the GINA can grow itself a spoiler for highspeed cruising, and its headlights are revealed via a mechanism that looks like the opening of an eyelid.
7. Volkswagen Aqua
Driving into the sea or a lake doesnt have to be ruin your day. On the contrary, with the Volkswagen Aqua and its hovercraftstyle air cushion, you can cruise across water, ice and snow and move seamlessly between any surfaces at up to 62mph..

The Aqua is even good for the environment because of its two hydrogenpowered motors ? and that mahoosive front window ensures you wont accidentally squish any family pets as you leave for work in the morning.
8. Fiat EYE
The Fiat Eye is definitely not the choice to go for if you are trying to attract the attentions of the opposite sex ? partly because it only has one seat, but mainly because it looks like something from Tron. But this gyroscopicallybalanced vehicle is actually quite sophisticated. Not only does it stay upright in the same way a Segway does, you control the Fiat Eye and all of its functions with your voice. Siri, eat your heart out.
9. Peugeot Honey B
We know youve always secretly dreamed about a car that looks reminiscent of a garden honey bee. What, you havent? Oh, this is awkward. Well this is what weve been waiting for, anyway ? the Peugeot HoneyB..

This bizarre SUVtype vehicle is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, has fourwheel drive and steering and sports full panoramic windows so everyone can see just how cool you are as you drop your kids off at the hive. Sorry, school.
10. Buick Centurion Concept
Some cars just command attention and the Buick Centurion from 1956 is one eyecatching example. Taking design cues from the cockpit of an aeroplane, this bubbletop concept cuts through the air with ease, and its twotone paintjob allows it to do so in style.

Although it probably has the turning circle of a P&O ferry, its 325bhp V8 engine meant it would be no slouch when pulling away from the lights, even if it did weigh nearly two tons.

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