finishing moves in wwe

Finishing Moves In WWE

Finishing Moves In WWE
1. John Cena Attitude Adjustment
Cenas move is a glorified Firemans Carry, and it basically made the list due to its massive legacy over the past decade. The Attitude Adjustment (AA) has put down some of the biggest wrestlers ever: The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, and even, Zack Ryder.
Okay, maybe Zack wasnt a big deal, but this move has helped Cena win 24 titles within the WWE, and will probably earn him a few more before its all said and done.
2. Braun Strowman Sideways Flapjack
Okay, youre probably thinking, who is this guy, and why is he even on this list? Well, the answer is simple: hes 68 /385 lbs. of muscle and mean muggin ugliness. Imagine being picked up like a child, tossed in the air, and slammed on your face with Braun partly crushing you, just for good measure.
While the move itself is not that amazing, its tough to ignore when a man that size is making Roman Reigns who is not exactly tiny look like a toy doll.
3. Charlotte Figure Eight
WWE wants to make it perfectly clear that Charlotte is Ric Flairs daughter by giving her a similar theme, trotting Ric out all the time, and giving her a similar finisher. While the Figure Four is a classic submission move, it doesnt quite have the same effect on modern crowds as it did in the past.
So, to give it a modern twist, Charlotte performs a back bend while its locked in, although it doesnt really make the finisher look any more painful, it adds some fresh theatrics.
4. Nikki Bella Rack Attack
Here is another classic move The Torture Rack that was given a modern twist to fit Nikki better. Obviously, shes no Lex Luger, so trying to rag doll women on her shoulders wasnt going to look that great.
Instead, she sets them up the same way and drops down breaking their back in the process. Nikki has developed a bit of a lady Hoss style over the past few years, so this move is very fitting for her and one of the better finishers in the womens division.
5. Chris Jericho Codebreaker
A great out of nowhere type of finisher that tends to surprise crowds, when Jericho goes for it. Letting gravity do most of the work, Y2J brings his opponents face to his knees and they meet harshly when Jerichos back lands on the mat. This move has one of the quicker setups which usually receives a nice pop from the crowd.
As you can see in the video, the Codebreaker can also be used as a perfect counter to any opponents who take to the air, which just makes for an even greater impact.
6. Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds
Also known as a Double Arm DDT, made popular by the Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. Dean gives it a little extra flair with the leg kick before dropping his opponent directly on their head.
Overall, its not the flashiest move on the list, but its incredibly devastating as the head and neck get crunched into the mat. Just think how much it hurts when you lightly bump your head on the ceiling, ah, son of a
7. Natalya Sharpshooter
One of the most well known submission moves ever, made popular by Bret The Hitman Hart. Since Natalya is part of the family, she carries the torch and performs the move just as well.
When the setup is smoothly and not done too quickly, the Sharpshooter allows crowds to get pumped up for when its finally locked in. As a bonus for Natalya, when she takes on more flexible opponents AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Naomi shes able to lean all the way back for that extra ouch effect.
8. Jack Swagger Patriot Lock
Although Kurt Angle did it better, Swaggers version is still pretty vicious to watch. This move usually depends on how much his opponent wants to sell the pain, if they do, it looks like Swagger is about to break off the bottom half of their leg.
This one is all about the theatrics, the opponents face twisted in agony as they reach out for their only salvation the ropes if they hope to continue the match.
9. Sting Scorpion Death Drop
This move is interesting because of the unique setup, which is a headlock, but the opponents face is towards the sky. Thanks to this unique positioning, crowds can immediately recognize the move and go nuts, all while Sting stares back at them, waiting just slightly before driving the back of his foes head to the mat.
A lightning quick setup allows Sting to get the jump on wrestlers, which was necessary in WCW, when he had to take on the 108 members of the n.W.o. Okay, maybe not 108, but he was usually a lone wolf and had to strike quickly to survive the show.
10. Baron Corbin End of Days
A fresh looking move that may catch you by surprise the first time you see it. Using a healthy dose of momentum, Corbin catches his opponent, and performs a slingshot motion that slams his opponent face first into the ground.
At 68 /275 lbs. Corbin has the size and strength to make this move this move look that much more impressive, especially when hes against smaller wrestlers, who get whipped down faster. Also, have to give bonus points for the name, as its one of the cooler sounding finishers.