fantastic christmas nail art designs

Fantastic Christmas Nail Art Designs

Fantastic Christmas Nail Art ,Amazing and Easy Christmas Nail Designs and Nail Arts.
1. Mix n Match
I love a bit of mixing and matching, especially during this time of year. Sure, it may take a little more time, but with some good TV and a glass of wine, youve got all the time in the world.
2. Good Old Green and Red
The thing that I really like about this style is that its Christmassy without being too in your face itd work really well with pastel colors, too (not the biggest fan of that dark moss green).
3. Penguin Power
These penguins are beyond charming why wouldnt anyone want them on their nails?
4. Alternating French Mani
Apply the concept of a French manicure, but just use Christmas colors instead. And to make it just that little bit more interesting, make an alternating finger. Easy, right?
5. Abstract Tree
This one may take a bit more time than the previous trees, but its a bit more fun and funky. Id suggest a white background though, so that it stands out more.
6. Festive Water Marbling
Everyone knows about the awesome technique of water marbling by now, so put that into practice with your Christmas colors
7. Present me with a Gift
If you have a steady hand you can actually freehand these little gifts but if youre more on the shaky side, just use a bit of tape to get those box shapes. But dont fret too much over perfection.
8. Christmas Elf
Ive seen a whole lot of Santas and Rudolphs, but it seems the elves who do all the hard work back at the North Pole are being forgotten So heres a toast to those tiny hard workers.
9. Elegant Sparkle
This nude glitter is truly perfect for those of you prefer a bit of subtle sophistications over the more whimsical approach. A touch of sparkle goes a long way.
10. Santa s Hat
Weve seen a number of Santa tutorials doing the rounds, but this floppy hat is a new one that Im totally in love with.

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