famous party cities in the world

Famous Party Cities In The World

Mostly people prefer those places that are well developed and full of entertainment as well.
1. Amsterdam Netherlands
Of course Amsterdam was going to be on this list. As a legendary tourism hub, purveyor of many light districts, and with its relaxed laws on certain party supplies, it makes sense that a good portion of the tourists headed to this capital city are looking for a party (and they dont have to look very hard).
2. Goa India
The birthplace of the aptly named Goa Trance, Goa in India has been a premier nightlife destination since the 1960s. And yes, theyve been going hard ever since.
3. Copenhagen Denmark
For the weekend warrior, the clubs in Copenhagen pick up on Thursdays (and usually wont even open until after midnight) and continue to rage til Sunday. Hit up places like Zefside, Rust, and HIVE for an unforgettable evening.
4. Buenos Aires Argentina
The rumors are true, Buenos Aires parties hard until the wee hours of the morning. And when I say wee hours, I mean folks are heading home at 7 AM after a long night of the most cutting edge dance music heard nowhere else, and for every kind of listener imaginable. Dont believe me? Try a yoga rave, an all night dance party with electronic versions of yoga music.
5. New York City New York
Foregoing the city that never sleeps reference, New York City is indeed a party place. From the ultra swanky nightclubs in Manhattan, to the raw underground shows in Brooklyn, NYC is every bit the hub of culture and music it claims to be, and will prove it to you no matter what time of night it is.
6. Seoul South Korea
Whether youre inside or outside, when the sun goes down in Seoul, the lights come on. And with a culture thats centered around being ultra hip and believes that its trendy to party communally (for example, with the way friends will pour each other drinks all night long), its easy to see why Seoul is the peoples party destination.
7. Gothenburg Sweden
Home to two of the largest universities in Sweden, Gothenburg might just be one of the biggest college towns in the world. And everyone knows that if colleges are known for anything, its certainly not quiet nights and early bedtimes.
8. Sydney Australia
Australia takes its drinking and partying very seriously, regardless of whether youre a headbanger, hipster, EDM junkie, or elite head nodder and drink holder. With clubs that are at capacity nearly every night of the week (some of which hold 2,000+ people), and world class talent packing stages (that happen to be owned and operated by the same team that runs a huge chunk of Las Vegas), Sydney is one hell of a place to turn up down under.
9. Moscow Russia
If you can party in Moscow, you can party anywhere. Part of this has to do with how hard they go in Moscow, but the other part is their widespread and extremely discriminating face control policy (which is more or less exactly what it sounds like
10. Popovka Ukraine
If youre going to rely largely on the notoriety of one party to put you on the map, it better be a massive party. And Popovkas KaZantip delivers. Taking over the area and forming a temporary republic, the 2 3 week party has achieved cult status, firmly planting Popovka on almost every top party place list ever made.

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