embarrassing celebrity moments

Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Times.
1. Fergie pees her pants
Ive heard of getting excited during a performance, but Fergie took her excitement to another level when she relieved herself onstage. Black Eyed Peas songs can get people jumping up and down and acting crazy but who knew they did that to their own performers?
2. Taylor Swift has a Marilyn Monroe moment
No, Taylor Swift wasnt NOT wearing underwear. But the skin colored undies she was sporting were never intended to be shown in the first place. As seen above, Taylor was the victim of her own Marilyn Monroe moment. While singing at a concert, she stepped a little too close to a fan (not a person but a literal fan). Can you guess who won the battle of Taylor versus fan? I think its obvious.
3. Katy Perry nude suit
The 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards saw Katy Perry attempting to sport a naked body suit. In fairness, this had been attempted prior by Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. But come on Katy, you can do even better.
4. Christina Aguilera has tanning liquid residue
Her performance at the Etta James funeral was eloquent and emotional. But few people remember her voice, because the most prominent part of her appearance were her glowing legs. Yes, you guessed it. Christinas legs were still in the process of drying from a recent trip to a tanning salon. But other than that she looks good.
5. Harry Styles takes a spill onstage
That awkward moment when a teenage heartthrob has just about the most uncool moment ever. During an epic dance sway, Harry Styles lost track of his footing and took a tumble on stage. Its nice to see a smooth performer having a very not smooth moment.
6. Janet Jacksons wardrobe malfunction
Ah yes, the infamous wardrobe malfunction of Super Bowl 38. It was a great football game but who really cares right? The highlight for the ages came at halftime when Janet Jackson got her shirt partially torn off by Justin Timberlake. They called it a malfunction but many believe it was a play for publicity. Either way, its utterly awkward yet entertaining to watch.
7. Julianne Hough creates controversy
Julianne Hough created quite a stir for Halloween, when she dressed as Crazy Eyes from the television show Orange is the New Black. It wasnt so much the actual costume that got her in trouble, but the use of black face makeup on her face. Inevitably, there was an immediate and intense backlash.
8. Nicki Minaj
The hugely popular pop singer had issues with her dress as she took to the stage in Vancouver Yeah, I think we can tell what happened.
9. Louie Spence gets nosy
Nobody is really sure what was going through Louie Spencers mind at this moment. During the premiere of The Dictator in London, Spencer took a minute to glance underneath this actress dress. The famous choreographer is known for outrageous clothing judgments, so he is probably just trying to get a close up look at her hem work.
10. Zac Efron brings protection
At the premiere of Lorax, Zac Efron was trotting the red carpet like his normal cool self. Suddenly, as he reached out to hug somebody, a small piece of something flew out of his pocket. Efron calmly ignored the object and continued walking. Turns out, it was a condom. He was probably berated for this, but I think it is quite prudent of him to show up prepared. The only danger now was he carrying any extras?

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