craziest eating contests from around the world

Craziest Eating Contests From Around The World

Craziest Eating Contests From Around The World
1. Oyster Eating World Championship
Held every June in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Oyster Eating World Championship is a speed eating contest in which participants compete for a cash price (1.000 dollars for the winner). In 2011, Pat Bertoletti set a Louisiana state record by eating 468 oysters in 8 minutes.
2. World Garlic Eating Competition
The World Garlic Eating Competition is held in Chideock, DorsetCounty, Southwestern England. In 2014, David Greenman won the contest by chomping 33 raw cloves of Iberian garlic in 60 seconds.
3. World Nettle Eating Championship
Another crazy eating contest held in Dorset, the World Nettle Eating Championship is a competition in which participants chew their way through nettle leaves. The winner is the contestant who has stripped and eaten the leaves from the greatest number of the 2feet (60 cm) stalks.
4. International Kimchi Eating Championship Chowdown
If you like kimchi (Korean national dish), you may consider participating at the International Kimchi Eating Championship Chowdown held in Koreatown, Chicago, Illinois. To break the current record, you will have to eat more than 8.5 pounds (3.86 kg) of this delicacy in 6 minutes.
5. The World Slugburger Eating Championship
To join this crazysounding contest, you have to set out to Corinth, Mississippi. But dont worry, you will not be eating slugs. Slugburger is a unique burger based on a deepfried beef and soy meal patty dressed with onions, pickles and mustard. To break the current world record, you will have to eat at least 44 slugburgers in 10 minutes.
6. alapeno chili peppers eating contest
There are several contests in which participants compete in attempt to eat the most superspicy peppers and the Jalape
7. Crocodile egg eating competition
Held at the Pattaya Crocodile Farm in Thailand, the crocodile egg eating competition is an annual eating race that consists of eating 10 crocodile eggs in the shortest time possible. The main purpose of this bizarre contest is to promote local tourism.
8. Broccoli eating contest
Even broccoli, the symbol of healthy food, can become the subject of an eating contest. Tom
9. National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship
Mushrooms fans can pit their strengths against each other at the National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship held annually in Pennsylvania. If you can devour more than 9 pounds (4 kg) of breaded and fried mushrooms in 8 minutes, you have a good chance of setting the new world record.
10. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches Eating World Championship
Elvis Presleys fans gather in Biloxi, Mississippi to commemorate The King by competing in eating his favorite peanut butter and banana sandwiches. In 2011, Pat Bertoletti won the Biloxi PB&B Sandwich Eating World Championship after devouring 28 PB&B sandwiches in 10 minutes.

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