connaught place

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Connaught Place

Connaught Place is a place name of various places in the world.
Connaught place, also called as CP, is located at the heart of New Delhi.It was built in 1931.Connaught place happens to be the commercial hub of Delhi.It depicts the style of British architecture which was very planned and well structured.The glamour is still there and people love coming to CP for shopping and entertainment.
2. 10 Janpath
Delhi being the capital of the country is home to almost all politicians.But 10 Janpath at Connaught Place is much more than just a prominent political residence.Protected by high compound walls and a line of armed men, this is the residence of the Gandhi the most famous family of India.It has been considered the center of power since the days of Indira Gandhi.Visitors are not permitted inside the four walls of the house however the lush greens surrounding 10 Janpath is a cherished spot for tourists.A must visit spot, when in Delhi!
3. Attic
No, The Attic is not a spooky storage room perched right at the top of a historic mansion.Instead, it is a pace for the living art as it rightly describes itself.With a host of events, classes, workshops, and exhibitions to promote music, arts and culture, it doesnt take a genius to figure out why.This 1000 square feet venue also hosts dance and ghazal performances.
4. Bangla Sahib Gurudwar
An important religious site for Sikhs, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, is located near Connaught Place.The beautiful structure with a golden dome welcomes you with religious music being played throughout the vicinity.Built in the fond memory of eighth Sikh Guru, Sri Harkisen Sahib, this place serves free food (langar )to all its devotees.Come here to offer your prayers or simply to enjoy the tranquility of this place.
5. Central Park
Very well known in Delhi, Central Park has been a centre for cultural events since a very long time.The beautiful Central Park area at the Connaught Place was re developed in 2005 2006 and has now become one of the main tourist attraction of the city.Lovely fountains and well maintained gardens make this park an attractive site in the evening, where the locals and visitors stroll around admiring the beauty of this proud landmark.
6. Gallery 29
From Indian miniature paintings, traditional Indian art, and even pichwais, the Gallery 29 houses a collection of some of the finest pieces of Indian art.Visit this spacious and elegant art gallery to browse through the collection, and inquire about what catches your eye.Ideal place for art lovers to learn more about Indian art.Tourists can visit to catch a glimpse of what Indian art is all about.
7. Hanuman Temple
Situated in Connaught Place, this is an ancient temple dedicated the Great Lord Hanuman.The temple is believed to be built among the Mahabharata period of Delhi.An intriguing feature is the Islamic symbol of the crescent placed on the spire of the temple instead of the Hindu equivalent of the sun.As legend goes, this crescent was gifted to Tulsidas, a renowned religious author and composer, by a Mughal Emporer on account of a miracle Tulsidas performed for him in the name of Lord Hanuman.It is also said that it was because of this crescent that the temple was spared during the Mughal invasion of Northern India.Devotees flock to the temple during the week and annual celebrations break out during Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of the god.
8. Indraprastha Park
Indraprastha Park is perfect for an evening outing for the whole family.Not to mention the children park and an amphitheater, which boosts the entertainment factor.But there nothing like the food court which will satisfy those hunger pangs.There lot to explore at this public park.
9. National Museum
A trip to Delhi would amount to much less if The National Museum were not on your itinerary.Built in 1960, this place stores an endless and great collection of Indian antiquities.The collection is truly fantastic and extraordinary there are treasures from pre historic times and from the time of the birth of Indian civilization.There are priceless pieces and art, sculptures from the Indus Valley civilization.That not all, the place stores rare miniatures, Buddhist and Jain relics and an extensive collection of artifacts from the Chola era.If you are interested in decorative arts this museum exhibits those too.
10. National Philatelic Museum
National Philatelic Museum is located within the Dak Bhawan, the headquarters of India postal service.It displays rare stamps that were in use in the olden times and those that are used today.The National Philatelic Museum also has a collection of international stamps, apart from the Indian ones.It is an ideal destination for those with an interest in philately.For those who want to enrich their personal collection, the museum also offers some on sale.

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