celebrities who swear by yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga. Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.
1. Gisele Bundchen
Many celebrities prefer to do yoga than gymming for their own reasons. Gisele Bundchen is one among those stars whose preference for yoga is a known fact. And that yoga has helped her is clearly shown in this picture of hers. Just look at how toned Bundchens physique is. Her flat abs, shapely figure and toned legs are ample proof that yoga is as equally good as working out in the gym. Perhaps, yoga is even better, for Bundchen in this image exudes a certain sense of calmness and control. This mental tranquility is something that no amount of gymming can bring about; this happens only when you perform yoga.
2. Olivia Wilde
Yoga, for all the mystical powers the word exudes, is a preferred method of working out among many celebrities. Olivia Wilde is one among this lot and if this picture of hers is anything to go by, then there is no doubt that this form of physical and mental exercise has certainly helped her a lot. Just look at how shapely Wildes figure is in this picture. Her legs and arms are toned and her stomach is like a flat board. Moreover, Wildes skin is glowing and the expression on her face speaks of the mental peace she has. It is the power of yoga that has bestowed on Wilde all these attributes.
3. Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons, for his age might not be able to undergo heavy work out sessions at the gym. But since he must keep himself fit, it is good that Simmons has taken to doing yoga on a regular basis. And judging by his fit physique in this image, there is no doubt that yoga has truly helped him a great deal in maintaining himself. In this image, it looks as if Simmons is performing the Suryanamaskar i.e. worship to the God of Sun via yoga. This yoga exercise is said to be extremely powerful and invigorating for it rejuvenates every part of the body through its seven steps.
4. Halle Berry
Halle Berry is another yoga buff from the Hollywood glam brigade. She is one among those Hollywood celebrities who swears by her yoga sessions. Yoga is a science and a form of exercise that not only keeps one physically fit but also confers on them mental tranquility. Going by this picture of Berry, there is no doubt that after performing yoga on a regular basis, the lady has achieved both these. In this picture of hers, she is looking quite energetic. Her arm muscles seem welltones too. Not to mention her shapely figure and toned thighs. Perhaps Berry could ask no more from yoga!
5. Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo can boast of a thin and shapely figure, a flat stomach, shapely arms and legs and a glowing skin. This picture of Pompeo is ample proof that she can truly trumpet these physical attributes of hers. If you are thinking that Pompeos great figure must be the result of heavy and intense work out sessions, then know that rather than exercises, it is yoga that has helped her chisel out her body. Not only has yoga made her physically fit, it has also boosted her energy levels and kept her mentally happy. No wonder then that Pompeo swears by her yoga sessions!
6. Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman has always been famous for her envious figure, but few have known the secret to her fitness. Many have been of the opinion that Kidman must be a workout buff to be able to boast of a figure as envious that. In fact, Kidman not only has a great figure, she even has flat abs, celluliteless thighs and perfectly shaped arms. Whats more, her skin glows with a certain unsurpassable radiance. For those dying to know the secret to Kidmans health, here is the secret unveiled yoga. This ancient form of science cum exercise is all that Kidman does to become the cynosure of many eyes.
7. Woody Harrelson
Wood Harrelson is a huge man. But do not mistake huge as big, fat and burly with lots of bulges. Just look at the picture of Harrelson here he has such a broad chest and powerful arms. And as for bulges, those seem to have simply no presence on Harrelsons fit physique. If you think that this must be the result of some intense and regular work out sessions at some hifi gym, then know that your thinking is absolutely wrong. Harrelson owes his great muscular physique to yoga the ancient form of exercise. Going by Harrelsons body, yoga does seem to be miraculous in producing great fitness results.
8. Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel has a figure that everyone dies for. Wonder how many girls there are in this world who struggle to boast of a figure as shapely as that. Not to mention Biels perfectly flat, washboard abs and welltoned arms. Her glowing skin is also unmistakable in this picture of hers. For all those girls struggling to attain an hourglass figure aka Jessica Biel, here is the great secret revealed yoga. And note here that Biel follows no extreme diets nor does she sweat it out excessively in the gym. All she does is regular yoga that has given her not only a great physique, but also mental tranquility. Girls, you must try out yoga too!
9. Jenna Tatum Dewan
Do not go by the huge red jacket Jenna TatumDewan is wearing in this picture. Underneath that big jacket is a perfectly toned figure. As you can see from this image of TatumDewan, her legs are also welltoned and there is certainly no sign of any cellulite on her thighs. Mind you, her arms are just as toned too. And you probably could not help noticing how energetic, glowing and happy TatumDewan seems in this pic. If you are wondering what is TatumDewans secret to physical fitness and mental happiness, then know that it is simple yoga. No complicated exercises or fad diets for TatumDewan; her workout routine consists of only yoga.
10. Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields might be wearing a huge, powderblue jacket in this picture. But that is only to shield herself from the cold winter. Otherwise, Shields figure is such that she has nothing to hide, indeed, her figure calls only for flaunting! If Shields has no reason to hide anything from the cameras, it is because she has nothing to hide at all no bulges, no protruding tummy, no cellulite and no glowless skin. And whats her secret to all this just plain yoga. Shields are not one who swears by fad diets and unnecessarily heavy workout sessions. All she does is yoga, of course, on a regular basis, and the results are for all to see.