celebrities who are flying solo this valentines day

Celebrities Who Are Flying Solo This Valentines Day

Stars Flying Solo This Valentine's Day. With celebrity relationships ending at a rate of days.
1. Miranda Kerr Colorful Person Colorful Life
Miranda Kerr is certainly looking very hot in this picture. Those grey eyes and pink lips certainly make you want to look at her again and again. Kerrs life is a busy one she is a celebrity after all and her personal life seems to be quite colorful too. Her last beau was Orlando Bloom, with whom she reportedly split sometime in 2013. Since October last year she has been single. But recent rumor mills have churned some news on Kerr she is said to be dating James Packer. This makes one thing obvious Kerr has moved on from Bloom. Reports say that Bloom has too.
2. Miley Cyrus The Twerking Belle
Miley Cyrus name has become almost synonymous with twerking the groovy move that she is so famous for. Off late, she has gotten into her fair share of controversies and has made plenty of headlines for them. This image of Cyrus, with her tongue jauntily protruding out wellreflects how Cyrus responds to those controversies and headlines with a devil may care attitude. Atta girl Cyrus, every controversy need not dampen you out. Cyrus was dating Liam Hems worth through a major part of last year. Then somewhere in September, 2013 she suddenly became single. Wonder who will be Cyrus next beau?
3. Michael Cera
This is Michael Cera, the guy who was last see dating Charlyne Yi. According to reports he has been single for quite a few years now, August 2009 to be more precise. Thats a long time to be single for a guy as cute as Cera. In this image at least, he looks quite innocent. And that grin plastered on his face in the image gives away nothing about what Cera has been up to all the while. Apparently, he has made out with the girlfriend of someone else. Now, thats bad doing. Philandering and fidelity are hotbutton issues when it comes to human relationships.
4. Rihanna
Rihanna is definitely hot property for any guy. This goody girl was last seen going out with Chris Brown. But since May 2013, the singer has been single, happily or otherwise. Given how beautiful the girl, no one expects her to remain single for long. Reports have it that Rihanna is now dating Drake. But theres a twist to this tale. Apparently, Drake is also seeing someone else. Someone named as Zoe Kravitz. The important question that now pops up is, is Drake twotiming Rihanna and Zoe.
5. Tom Welling
Just look at this picture of Tom Welling. It is definitely a pic that women will drool over. Those grey eyes and gelled hairs and that perfect expression on his ways are real charmers. They prove over and over again why Welling is such a hunk. As far as Wellings personal relationships are concerned, he was seen last going around with Jamie White Welling. But that relationship existed almost more than a year ago. Apparently, Welling has been single since December 2012. But there is no doubt that there are plenty of women out there who are waiting for Wellings readiness to mingle again.
6. George Clooney
Age does not seem to whither this man at all. In fact, with each passing day he is just growing more handsome and dashing. Yes, it is George Clooney who is being spoken about. He has been in Hollywood for a long time and yet no one is bored of seeing him on screen. As far as his personal life is concerned, Clooney was reportedly seen last going around with Stacy Keibler. However, he is said to be roaming around being single since July, 2013. It is a shame that such a handsome man is without a partner. Wonder who will be Clooneys next and when she will make a grand entry in his life?
7. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez might be quite young, but she has tasted those peaks of success that many of her older counterparts are yet to achieve. She is a famous musician and is reportedly now turning into an actor. But perhaps what brought her biggest fame was her affair with Justin Bieber who she was with until last year. But now the two have broken up, reports say and since January 2014, the girl has been single. Obviously, the media does not like her being single, so they quickly linked her with Astin Mahone. But, this time the rumor mills apparently churned out wrong information.
8. John Stamos
When you look at this picture of John Stamos, you understand why ladies drool over him. That well chiseled face, broad grin and cateyes are perfect charmers. While ladies drooled over him, Stamos was hooked up with Leah Marsh who he was reportedly dating until early 2010. But since February 4 years back, the guy is said to be single. Now thats a long period for a man of his stature to remain single. Looks like Stamos is ready to mingle again after a long hiatus and is apparently looking for someone special to enter his life soon.
9. Ryan Gosling
There is no doubt that Ryan Gosling is a handsome man. Just look at his lean face, gelled hair, slight smile and blue eyes they make you want to look at him again and again dont they? Gosling might have stolen many a womans hearts, but the lady who stole his was Eva Mendes. The duo were said to be dating until a few weeks ago. But since February, 2014, Gosling is reportedly single. However, is the man ready to mingle? Gosling says he is not sure yet. Maybe the guy deserves to take his time after all he came out of a relationship just a while back.
10. Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian is a definite beauty. This picture of hers proves this for sure. This Kardashian sister was last seen going around with Lamar Odom. But the relationship ended in November 2013 after she Kardshian reportedly remained single for a brief period of time. Soon reports linked her with The Game. But there is no saying if the reports stemmed from facts or were the end result of someones overactive imagination. But maybe like her other sister who recently had a child, Khloe could think of settling down with someone.

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