best valentines day projects

Best Valentines Day Projects

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with homemade cards, sweet decorations.
1. Lovely Table Set For a Lovely Valentine Dinner
Valentines Day is special for lovers, who endeavor to make the occasion as special as possible for each other. What better way then, than to have a special dinner concocted for your loved one. Reds, pinks and maroons being the colors of the Day, this table set for dinner in the picture certainly reflects the mood of deep love. The red roses and the flower arrangement in the beautiful translucent vase with hearts printed on it, only adds to dcor of the Day. The couple seated at this lovely table is sure to fall in love once again, with each other and with the food served in dinner set.
2. Chalkboard Valentine Craft
Valentine is the day when red hearts do the rounds between lovers all over the world. But this heart in the picture, begs to differ. It is a piece of creation that is like a black colored chalkboard one on which the touching words Be Mine have been written with a white piece of chalk. Black as it might be, the heart nevertheless speaks of the love the giver has for his dear Valentine. Talking about chalkboards, perhaps this kind of a Valentine gift would be perfect to give to a beloved who is a teacher or maybe even the viceversa.
3. Wall Rained Hearts Valentines Decor
Everyone has heard of the saying Its raining cats and dogs, but here is a fresh take on this old and popular idiom. As can be seen from the picture, it is raining red hearts. This piece of craft is certainly showering plenty of love from those lovely hearts. And the collage work of the big white cloud behind the red hearts makes for very good color combination and adds to the beauty of the creative craft. It would not be wrong to say that this artwork will make for a nice, handmade Valentine gift for someone who appreciates the value of creating something for someone special.
4. Interesting Heart On An Interesting Backdrop
This Valentines Day would it not be better to gift your loved one some handmade crafts rather than storebought ones? After all, the former add a personal touch to the gift that promises to bring both of you closer. This picture here is a perfect example of what you can make and gift your loved one. A beautiful, bright red heart, symbolizing your passionate love for your partner, set against a sober background that speaks of love amour. Every font the word amour is written in on the backdrop represents the various ways in which you can show love to your loved one.
5. Valentine Wealth Out Of Waste
Handmade crafts certainly make for a more personalized Valentines Day gift than the regular storebought ones. After all, each moment spent in making them has also been spent in the thinking about your beloved, which makes the gift itself that much more special. The picture here presents to you a perfect example of a personalized VDay gift a true Wealth out of Waste. Use a couple of waste tins, paint them in some bright colors and thread some wool through them to make a bow. Then fix in them some fat candles and voila, the mood for a cozy candlelight dinner for a couple is all set.
6. Wine And Valentine
Here is another perfect idea for a handmade, personalized Valentines Day gift for your beloved. Take some corks from used wine bottles and paint them red on one side. Then fix them all in a heart shape on a firm sheet of paper of any color. The picture here shows a white backdrop, but the color is your choice. Then frame your creation nicely, make a loop on it for hanging the picture and add a lovely red bow to the entire craft. Voila, here is a great VDay gift that your valentine is sure to drool over and remember for many years to come.
7. Lovely Valentines Door Mat
So you are newly married and about to shift to your new home. It is the Valentine season and you are worried about the best gift for your better half. Just take a look at this picture and it should give you ideas for the perfect VDay gift post marriage. Create a customized doormat, one on which you and your beloved will step on and then step in together in your first home. With this gift present your beloved not just the key to your new haven, but also the key to your heart and as fairy tales go, live happily ever after.
8. Burlap Way To Say Be Mine Valentine
There is no limit to your imagination and hence there is no limit to the kinds of gifts you can make and give your beloved this Valentines Day. Every piece of waste lying around your house can be utilized, if you have the creative juices flowing in you, to make something pretty and lovely for your loved one. This picture here presents to you one such example. Burlap sacks, otherwise discarded scraps, have been turned into Be mine festoons. Just hang this lovely red burlap banner at the entrance of your loved ones room and rest assured that this would be one Valentine that he/she will remember forever.
9. V Day Bunting Countdown
So you are done gifting your Valentine this Valentines Day. But the mood does not have to end there. You can do something more special for your loved one by decorating your house. This picture here presents to you an idea of how you can jazz up your home for the VDay. Making a bunting out of heart cutouts, some red and some white in color, simply hang them down the stairways, up on the windows and some more on the walls. Now your house is all molded in the Valentines Day mood. So get your apron on and cook up a lavish spread and then the two of you should sit down for a cozy candlelight VDay dinner.
10. Valentines Day Outdoor Decor
This Valentines Day do not just restrict yourself to gifting one item to your beloved. To make this day as memorable as possible for your loved one, think of decorating up your house, both inside and outside. This picture here gives you an idea of what you can do for the outdoor VDay decorations. Use some real pine leaves and stick them in a rusticlooking wicker basket. Then add a dash of red the color of VDay to it by using some small balls and set it in front of your favorite window. Your loved one is sure to gasp with sheer pleasure by just looking at this natural decoration.