best valentines day gifts

Best Valentines Day Gifts

21. Honora Peacock Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set
Pearls are a great gift idea for Valentines Day, but plain white pearls can seem a little boring. These colorful pearls are a great gift idea for a woman with an equally colorful personality. Each bracelet contains jet black, navy, violet, pistachio, turquoise, and teal colored freshwater pearls. Not sure if a bracelet is the right gift for her? Browse more designs from Honora here.
22. Tommy Hilfiger Womens Double Breasted Classic Wool Coat
Is your ladys winter coat looking a little worse for wear? This elegant, classic coat looks fabulous, and will keep her toasty warm during the rest of this cold winter. Its available in sizes from extra small to extra large. If you were thinking more along the lines of lingerie, maybe the designers modal wireless bra would be a better choice for your romantic partner.
23. Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series 7 Book Set
The first Outlander book may have come out in the 90s, but the series is getting a lot of attention now after inspiring a period drama on Starz. This epic love story is the perfect gift for Valentines Day, especially if youre shopping for a serious book lover. Girls who love sci fi and fantasy will also enjoy the time traveling element. To make your gift complete, youll want to add the most recent book, Written in My Own Hearts Blood, which is not included in the seven book set.
24. ELBLUVF 18k Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Heart Beat Love Cardiogram Necklace
Anyone who has ever seen a hospital drama knows that the symbol above symbolizes a single heartbeat on a monitor. This is a perfect gift for the guy or gal who gets your heart beating a little bit faster when they are around. You can browse more cardiogram inspired necklace designs here.
25. Customized Hand Stamped Bracelet
This hand stamped bracelet can be customized with any text you choose. There is room for 45 characters (including spaces), so you could have it embossed with your loved ones name, a short quote, or simply have it say andI love you!
26. GoateeSaver
Need a unique gift for a guy who likes to be well groomed? This unique accessory ensures a perfect, even shape every time he grooms. Does he have a full beard? Perhaps something from our list of the best beard care products would be ideal for his style.
27. 24k Gold Dipped Sugar Maple Leaf With Gold Plated Chain
Is there a more perfect gift for a woman who loves nature, or who has family ties to Canada? This elegant necklace is made from a real leaf, coated with pure gold. A gold dipped rose would be a nice alternative or companion piece to this gift idea.
28. Newgy Robo Pong 1040 Ping Pong Robot
Do you have a partner whos crazy about ping pong? This offbeat gift is practically tailor made for him or her. This is a great gift for anyone who loves the game, and lacks a partner. It fits all standard ping pong tables and conversion top game tables. No ping pong table in your home? Maybe a dart board would be a better fit for your game room.
29. Kafeimali Mens Head Barbarian Vagabond Beanie
Looking for a light hearted gag gift for Valentines Day? This weird, wacky beanie makes him look like a Viking warrior. It may be a little over the top for someone who lives in Miami, but for a guy who lives in the coldest parts of the country, a little extra face covering is a nice defense against the winter wind.
30. Charmeur Basic Milk Chocolate Gourmet Candy Making Kit
Valentines Day is all about chocolate. But why buy it when you can make it? If your partner is the sort of person who prefers doing things themselves, then this fun weekend project will be a great way for you two to bond. This kit includes a Sweet Traditions recipe guide, flavored oils, sugar, two oil droppers, 50 candy cups, four gift boxes, 12 cello bags and ties, 15 stickers, five yards of satin ribbon, a glass candy thermometer, three prong dipping fork, and a charmette fondant making tool. You can make enough chocolates to give as gifts, or keep them all to yourself.