best pokemon

Best Pokemon

This is the best pokemon ever, why isn't it on the too 10! Hyper beam could take out anyone.
1. Crobat
If you are talking of the fastest Pokemon, then it has to be Crobat. This was the first Pokemon that was a fierce battler and a competitive one at that too. The Crobat Pokemon, as any Pokemon fan would know, makes for a dependable option when poison and speed are the need of the hour. Of course, where these two characteristics are concerned, the Zubat, a fully evolved one at that, is the best choice, although these might not be able to sweep off any teams. Shaped like a bat, the Crobat certainly have a mean appearance that well-reflects their aggressive personas.
2. Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff is another cute Pokemon that, needless to say has a huge fan following. If its name is cute, then this Pokemon is even more adorable in appearance. Called as a balloon Pokemon, this ball shaped attraction with a shock of hair coming down the center of its forehead and two sharp ears protruding out from the top of its head, enjoys immense popularity thanks to anime and has become an integral part of Smash Bros. Who can forget the sing attack of the Jiggypuff? No ordinary Pokemon can escape such an attack it is only a Pokemon with Soundproof than can wend its way out safely from the assault.
3. Cubone
The Cubone has to be one of the best Pokemons of all times. A Cubone can be easily recognized by the skull it wears on its head. This skull is a necessary head gear for the Cubones and it is no ordinary skull either. Indeed, the skull a Cubone wears belongs to their deceased mothers. As far as their sizes are concerned, the Cubones are small, and it is perhaps their tiny sizes that make them look so cute. But it has to be said that while their sizes may be small, the Cubones have an indomitable spirit that make them all the more endearing to all Pokemon fans.
4. Weavile
The Weavile not only has a superb design, but it is also a much-wanted Pokemon on every team. In particular, a Weavile that boasts of having the Ice Shard is the one to have, because this Pokemon can use the Shard effectively to kill most of the dragons as revenge. As can be seen from the picture of the Weavile here, this Pokemon is quite hostile. Those menacing eyes nicely reflect how mean the Pokemon can be. Even so, the hostility of Weavile seems to diminish once they are caught. In fact, these characters appear to be quite at ease with any trainer, but that is of course, only after they are caught.
5. Politoad
If you are talking of water Pokemon, then the one name that must feature is that of Politoad. The Politoad is decent water Pokemon, to say the least. But it must be said that it has a design that is quite funky and cool. However, Politoad s USP is that it has a secret Drizzle ability through which the Pokemon can call upon a rainstorm that is as good as endless. In other words, with this water Pokemon, it will become quite difficult to deal with on water-based teams. Actually, the Drizzle ability is the only strong point of the Politoad. That apart, this Pokemon is just another toad, you may add jolly as an adjective there.
6. Heracross
Heracross might be a tiny blue-colored beetle, but if you go by its size you are sure to be fooled. For this Pokemon, whose name has been derived from that of the Greek hero Hercules, is extremely powerful. To put it succinctly, the Heracross, for all its small size, can hit extremely hard and boasts of having pretty decent defense statistic. However, it must be said that one negative point of the Heracross is its speed that seems to hold it back in crucial times. Nevertheless, you will always find that a Heracross that is well-trained is well-capable of leaving anybody cutting across its path with more than a bruise or two.
7. Ludicolo
When you are on the lookout for a Pokemon that is carefree, and then look no further than the Ludicolo. Its very appearance shows how happy-go-lucky the Pokemon is- there is no trace of any worry just a jolly appearance that is quite infectious. With a pineapple on its head, the Ludicolo might make it seem as if life is absolutely great with that big fruit on the head. But it is best to be wary of this much of a carefree attitude. There is no saying when the pineapple flaunting Ludicolo can tank, never mind even if it has the best of the fruits topping it.
8. Samurott
Samurott is not an ordinary Pokemon. This one is a samurai. And its extraordinariness does not end at that. Indeed, this samurai otter boasts of having dual shell blades and it contains enough and more of power to make it extremely useful as water Pokemon. Well, for all its strength and samurai-like qualities, the Samurott has not quite passed in the design department. Even so, its design can be said to be better than that of Blastoise, but this completely evolved water starter from Unova could have done with a better blueprint. That said don t forget that it is still useful as water Pokemon.
9. Blissey
Blissey might look as if she is always in bliss. With a charming smile on her face, an egg shaped chubby body and cute little wings protruding out from her sides, Blissey is certainly oozing cuteness. But if you depend on Blissey and her adorable looks, then you are in for some great danger. For this Pokemon has the rare ability to support, annoy and tank all at the same time. True, Blissey will not bring playing teams to their knees, but there is no saying what she can do to teams that are sweeping all the glory- she can certainly stop them in their tracks.
10. Porygon Z
This Pokemon is quite different from the rest of its lot because it is man-made. And unlike many others of its family, the Porygon-Z seems to like spending most of its time in cyberspace. The Porygon-Z, any Pokemon fan would know, had two versions existing before its advent. Again, the latest version differs from its two predecessors because this one can show emotions and feelings that are simply inexplicable. What also is beyond explanation is the fact that this man-made Pokemon is able to survive with a disjointed head. What also needs explanation is how the Porygon-Z manages to exhibit random emotions with a head not attached to the body.