benefits of mangosteen

Benefits of Mangosteen

21. Repairs cells
Xanthone compounds present in this fruit s skin are the highest when compared to other fruits. These can cure skin diseases, repair the damaged cells in your body and protect them. One of the most effective natural ways to increase our overall health is by consuming more fruits and vegetables. There is a wealth of information online how consuming more fruits and vegetables benefit our well being.
22. Body weight
Intake of mangosteen is a widely used orthodox method for losing weight. Mangosteen helps in the prevention of weight gain, by burning down fat. Xanthones included in the mangosteen peel help to aid weight loss. Mangosteen is now readily available in the supermarkets across the United States. While buying, look for fresh fruits that feel heavy in hand with firm green calyx at the stem end, and bright purple color skin as they indicate fresh arrivals from East Asian orchards.
23. Gum disease
Mangosteen acts as a weapon to fight against the gum disease known as periodontitis. The gel of mangosteen helps to cure gum problems. the most mangosteen of any juice on the market, it also has the added health benefits of Acai Berries, Goji Berries, Gac, and Pomegranate; all in one great tasting juice! Take just one ounce once a day, everyday and feel your body get healthier! Give your body what it needs, protect your trillions of cells and stay healthy with TriFusion Max with Calcium.
24. Menstruation
Mangosteen can be very useful in reducing premenstrual symptoms like dizziness, mood swings, hypertension, etc. In Malaysia, a mangosteen root decoction is consumed to regulate menstruation. ripe fruits should be placed in cool well ventilated place where they keep well for up to two weeks. For extended keeping quality store them inside the refrigerator.
25. Stomach disorders
The mangosteen is widely cultivated. They use its leaves and barks for treating diarrhea, dysentery, treat thrush and urinary disorders. mangosteen leaves and bark, which was beneficial in bringing down body temperature and also to treat thrush, dysentery, diarrhea and urinary disorders. By the eighteenth and nineteenth century, mangosteen was introduced to other parts of the world, but this tree in thrived in very few regions, other than its native place. Mangosteen in the world s only true super juice. TriFusion Max with Calcium, called a super juice because it contains four of the world s super fruits Mangosteen, Lychee, Acai, Goji. Get all the health benefits of mangosteen easily with TriFusion Max with Calcium.
26. Anti Ageing
Aging comes about due to oxidation. Mangosteen is filled with antioxidants such as catechin (the antioxidant found in green tea). This helps in fighting free radicals. Hence, start consuming mangosteen to look younger forever. Fresh mangosteens are wonderfully delicious. Enjoy this exotic juicy fruit all alone without any additions.
27. Boosts your energy
This fruit can help you feel refreshed and energized all day long. Its nutrients will help you look more refreshed and youthful. It provides a boost of energy. One of the most important mangosteen health benefits is its effect on the cardiovascular system. It is believed to be effective in preventing diseases, like, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, kidney stones, cataract, glaucoma, Alzheimer s, neuralgia, and the list goes on! It is also said that this fruit can be effective in treating depression, aging, obesity, skin diseases, allergies, ulcers, diarrhea, fevers and pain.
28. Viral infections
Xanthones present in mangosteen have the natural ability to attack fungal and viral infections. They even help to get rid of certain carcinogens from attacking your skin. Mangosteen is a powerful fruit that can help you in so many ways! It however is not the only super fruit that the Earth has provided us.
29. Xanthones in Mangosteen
Our immune system tries to keep trillions of cells in our bodies protected from disease causing toxins, free radicals, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful agents. At times, though, our immune system gets overwhelmed. Our bodies get sick, often because of free radical damage.
30. Mangosteen s Other Natural Compounds
Mangosteen also contains other potent natural compounds like catechins, polysaccharides, quinones, stilbenes and polyphenols. Catechins were discovered to be five times more potent as antioxidants than vitamin C. Polysaccharides are highly potent anti cancer and anti bacterial plant compounds. They help block a mutated cell s ability to stick to healthy cells to help stop the spread of cancer, and are specially effective against intracellular bacteria.

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