beautiful hairstyles tips

Beautiful Hairstyles Tips

1. Your Life Changing Guide to Using Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is a magical invention it zaps greasy roots, adds volume and texture and eliminates the need to wash and style hair every single day (seriously, who has time for that?). It can make three day old hair look better than freshly washed, or hide the fact that you hit the gym during lunch hour and didn t have time to wash.
2. Hairstyles You Can Do In Your Car
When it comes to multitasking, I m pretty much the most efficient girl you ll ever meet. Running while talking? Check. Cleaning while cooking and watching TV? That s me.
3. Best Drugstore Hairstyling Products
Turns out, the commercials were right: you actually can get salon worthy hair with drugstore hairstyling products. At least, that s what readers say about these gels, serums, hairsprays and mousses. All of them gave our readers gorgeous dos without breaking the bank.
4. The Jaw Dropping NYFW Hairstyles We re Recreating ASAP
The runways at New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 were chock full of hairstyle inspiration for everyone whether you re high maintenance or laid back when it comes to styling your hair. From big, sexy bouffants to understated waves to braids, see the best hairstyles from NYFW.
5. Prettiest Date Night Hairstyles
Hot date? You ve probably already planned your outfit, down to your killer, confidence boosting stilettos and your on trend box clutch. But a date night ensemble is about so much more than just the clothes you wear. (Read: Don t leave your hair until the last minute). We d even argue that your hairstyle is more important than whether you don an LBD or leather leggings try picturing ratty gym hair with a sleek, skin baring jumpsuit and you ll see why. Hair sets the mood for your entire ensemble.
6. Hairstyles That Can Stand Up to the Windiest Weather
Ever notice how, on a blustery, nasty weather day, some girls hair looks even better than usual? It s perfectly mussed up like it was styled to have that undone, windblown look. Then, there are the girls (myself included) who pop across the street to grab a coffee and come back with hair that s so tangled it looks like we ve just run a marathon in a Nor easter.
7. Winter Hairstyles That Won t Give You Hat Hair
Hat hair all winter, it s the bane of our existence. We ve tried every trick in the book, from rubbing a dryer sheet over our roots to breaking out the strongest pomades in our beauty cabinets to slick down a style. But truth be told, unless you re willing to ditch your winter hat and risk losing your ears to frostbite, the best way to avoid hat hair is to embrace it and match your hairstyle to your favorite winter hat. Here, five winter hairstyles that work with you, not against you so the dreaded hat head will be a thing of the past.
8. Best Curling Irons and the 2 Worst
There are a few things you should look for in a curling iron: One, does it get hot enough to adequately curl your hair? Two, is it the right size barrel for the curls you want to create (smaller barrels mean tighter curls, looser barrels mean bigger curls)? Three, is it easy to hold and use? And four, is it a high enough quality iron to last you a long time? Obviously, it s difficult to know which irons will meet these criteria. Luckily, readers have tried them all and reported back to us on which ones lived up to their expectations and which ones fell flat along with their hair. Read on to see which curling iron brand dominates readers bathroom counters. (Other brands should listen up!)
9. Swoon Worthy Braids for African American Women
Everyone may be buzzing about lobs and pixies, but one hairstyle that s perpetually trendy? Braids. From pretty, plaited buns to structural cornrows to fabulous box braids, we ve rounded up our favorite braided African American hairstyles. We scoured Pinterest and Instagram to find the trendiest, most liked ways to braid your hair. Check out the swoon worthy braids you need to try this season. Bonus: Some of these braids you can leave in for weeks to give your hair a break from damaging heat styling.
10. Best Hot Styling Tools
Heat styling is a necessary evil in the world of hairstyles. With sleight of hand, curl and volume can be added to stick straight hair with rollers or curling iron action, and wavy or curly hair can miraculously be straightened with a solid blow out and flat iron finessing.

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