amazing rangoli designs and patterns

Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns

41. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 41
Heres a beautiful rangoli forDiwali. The strikingcoloursand the heart shapeddiyasplaced on the sides of the Rangoli make this quite different and a good choice for the occasion.
42. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 42
This rangoli design suits all occasions. The spiral pattern in the center and the use of various colours make this a very innovative Rangoli.
43. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 43
If you are all up for uniquecoloursand designs, then this one is for you. The uniqueness of this rangoli design lies in the brightcoloursand the fish pattern.
44. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 44
Heres another prettyflower Rangolimade with flower petals and leaves. The use of marigold flower is prominently seen in this design.
45. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 45
Heres a very simple yet beautiful design to start off with in our collection. Simple geometric pattern andcoloursused here range from green, yellow, blue, orange and red. This bright rangoli design is a great way to introduce colours in your home; it will instantly set the mood for celebration. Its a great choice for any festival, especiallyHoli.
46. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 46
This design is quite simple. It has loads ofcolourbut the motifs or patterns are not connected. This design is great to do when there is a special occasion and you are planning to add that special touch ofcolourto your homes.
47. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 47
This one is specially meant for Ganpati festival and its quite easy to do. The basiccolours usedinclude white, black and red so that your eyes remain focused on the Ganpati design in the center.
48. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 48
Another rangoli designforthe Ganpati festival! This one is a bit morecolourfulthan the previous one and uses green, red, white, blue and orange. The main attraction here too is the Ganpati design in the middle. The strikingcolourcombination is also a plus point in this rangolidesign.
49. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 49
Another very beautiful Ganpati design using simple and earthlycolourslike mustard yellow, orange and brown. This is very apt for the festive season. The Ganpati design in the middle is quite tough to do, so those new to this art have to practice a little more to accomplish this design. You can leave the center design for someone who is an expert at rangolis, you can help her or observe the technique, so next time you can do it yourself.
50. Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 50
Here is another design for Ganpati festival. The center of attraction here is of courselordGanesh himself. TheGaneshrangolidesignis quite unique in this and is the main theme of this Rangoli. Ganesh stands for prosperity and good luck, it can also be used for any occasion.

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