amazing cars

Amazing Cars

1. Amazing cars
There are a few technological wonders that have defined the modern world. The telephone, steam engine, radio, television and computer are all strong contenders. However for their diversity, usefulness and the interest they all too often create the amazing cars of the world will be the top wonder for many people. Over 50 million passenger cars are produced each year but don t worry we are only going to look at ten of them. These amazing cars are not the first ten in a single category but the pinnacle of a number of categories. Enjoy this broad range of choices
2. Smallest Amazing Car
The first of our top ten amazing cars is the Peel P50 powered by a mighty 49cc engine has a top speed of 38 miles per hour. At 54 inches long and 39 inches wide this tiny production car grabs the smallest slot. They were first made in 1962 and sold for ?199, a price as small as the car itself. This 3 wheeler was assembled in the Isle of Man of all places. Due to its size the P50 would have got you 100 miles to the gallon.
3. Fastest Amazing Car
Although they are amazing cars built for speed, the Bugatti Veyrons are NOT the fastest cars out there. That accolade rests with the SSC Ultimate Aero. With a top speed of 257 miles per hour this car edges out the Veyron by 4 miles per hour. At just half the cost of the Veyron this auto mobile could be yours for only $650,000
4. Most Expensive Amazing Car
Although the Bugatti loses out on speed it can claim the number one spot as the most expensive production car in the world. Even the tyres of these amazing cars are expensive at an estimated $25,000. If you are thinking of buying one it will set you back $1,700,000.
5. Worlds Cheapest Amazing Car
India s car market has catered for a land with a population that does not have a bottomless wallet. Tata Motors has produced the Tata Nano. Which sells for a mere $2,500 which incidentally is the approximately the same price as the P50 if you adjust the prices for inflation. The initial production run will be a quarter of a million cars. Sometimes amazing cars are affordable.
6. Oldest Still Running Amazing Car
The De Dion Bouton et Trepardoux ranks as in the amazing cars category because at 126 years old, this steam powered car is the oldest car in the world that still runs. Built in 1884 this car was around 12 years before Henry Ford produced his first. Modern cars measure their acceleration in seconds, this car would measure in minutes, thirty of them, to reach a top speed of around 35 miles an hour.
7. Armoured Amazing Car
If you were paranoid about safety then you would probably want to go for the most heavily armoured car. The Prombron is produced by a Russian company, the Dartz group. Not only is this car coated in kevlar amongst other modifications it also carries gold plated bullet proof windows.
8. Largest Amazing Car
The Bugatti company steals in with the largest car. Sometimes known as the Bugatti 41, The Bugatti Royale is a beast at 7,000 pounds (3175kg). This car is 21 feet long and in the prototype phase had an engine with a 12.7 litre capacity. All 6 of the prototypes made are still around to this day.
9. Fastest Solar Amazing Car
Sometimes amazing cars are experimental and in this case that is certainly true. The Nuna 2 will never be marketed as a family car. With space only for a driver, the Nuna 21 has a top speed of 105 miles per hour. With 3 wheels and a price tag of $500,000 it may not be everyone s first choice.
10. Unusual Amazing Car
Sometimes amazing cars are just completely strange and unusual. A gentleman named Rick Dobbertin created the Dobbertin Surface Explorer. This amazing amphibious vehicle began its life as a milk tanker! It took Rick over four years to complete the fabrication of this vehicle and it has logged over 3,000 miles in the ocean.