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65. Shalabhasana II
Grasshopper Pose
This is an advanced exercise of shalabhasana. The simplest form starts with Ekapada Shalabhasana and once the simplest form is practised well, one can try this advanced posture of Shalabhasana. In the initial stage one can find it difficult to perform and attain the balance. Regular practice can helps to perform this exercise quite easily.In Sanskrit language “Shalabh” stands for insect called Locust. While practicing Shalabhasana the entire body shape looks like a locust structure therefore this asana is also renowned as Locust Pose. Shalabhasana benefits to toughen back muscles and curing ailments like sciatica and back ache. Here we showcase Shalabhasana steps in three different methods for how to do Shalabhasana with proper manner.
1. Slowly lift the body upwards so that the entire body balance lies on the shoulder and on the chin. The shoulder and the chin should touch the ground.
2. The body should be straight, erect and stretched well.
3. Hold in this position for about 8 to 10 seconds.First of all lie down on floor facing in downward direction on your chest and abdomen.Put hands underneath of each thigh.Inhale and rise legs in upward direction but don’t bend them at knee.
1.Shalabhasana benefits you for strengthening your wrists, hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, lower abdomen and diaphragm.
2. Practicing Shalabhasana steps with proper approach toughens back muscles.
3. It is helpful for curing back ache & sciatica.
4. Shalabhasana benefits to cure cervical spondylitis and spinal cord ailments.
5. It is much useful asana for removing unwanted fats around abdomen, waist, hips and thighs.
1. One should avoid this asana in case if any surgery has done.
2. One should initially practice Ardha Shalabhasana then practice entire Shalabhasana posture.
3. One should neither clench fists nor too loose or nor too tight.
4. One should have total control on breath while practicing this asana.
Before beginning, rest on the stomach, your hands making a pillow under your head, one cheek resting on your hands. The toes should be touching together with the heels falling apart. Breathe deeply in this position, feeling your abdomen pressing into the floor on every inhale, relaxing your body a little bit more on every exhale. Between each of the back-strengthening exercises, be sure to alternate the side of your head resting on your hands so that both sides of your neck receive an equal relaxation.

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