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Mediterranean Wine
Sigalas Paris is the leading winemaker on the island of Santorini, producing a range of very interesting, rather exciting wines from organically grown grapes. His white wines made from 100 percent Assyrtiko come in oaked and unoaked styles. The wines of Sigalas Paris have a good balance of extract and tartness, with flavors and aromas of mixed citrus zest and the characteristic earth and mineral flavors derived from Santorini's soil. The oaked versions show well-integrated complexity from the wood.

Wine from the Rest of the World
Generally, commercial vineyards are only viable between two bands of latitude 30–50° north and 30–50° south of the equator. Outside of these broad strips, it's difficult to make wine of any real quality. For that reason, not all countries make wine.

French Wine - Wines of Alsace
Alsace grows mainly German grape varieties but, due to the climate and French winemaking tradition, the wines are richer and drier than those of Germany.

French Wine - Wines of Champagne
Most Champagne houses produce a prestige cuvée, which is the top-ofthe- line wine from the house. The house of Pol Roger makes Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, Louis Roederer makes Cristal, Moët & Chandon makes Dom Pérignon, and Taittinger's makes Comtes de Champagne, to give you a few examples. These wines are made from the best quality fruit, and are richer, more complex, and more ageworthy than other wines of the house.

French Wine - Wines of Alsace
Here's a list of biodynamic producers in Alsace, all of which produce very good wines:
Domaine Pierre Frick
Domaine Marcel Deiss
Domaine Zind-Humbrecht
Domaine Martin Schaetzel
Domaine Marc Tempé
Domaine Ostertag
Domaine Kreydenweiss
Domaine Josmeyer
Domaine Valentin Zusslin

Detecting Faulty Wine
If a wine smells like a recently struck match, it has too much free sulphur swimming around in it and the wine is faulty.

American Wine - Wines of Oregon,Washington, and Idaho
L'Ecole No 41 Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 is a classic beauty from twentyfive- year-old vines. The wine starts with ripe black currant fruit and roasted cashews on the nose, followed by lush lashings of spice, red berries, nuts, and black pepper on the palate. Gripping but ripe tannins. Long length.

German Wine
German wine tends to be fairly light, racheting up only about 9 percent alcohol by volume.

Spanish Wine - Sherry
Let it first be said that Sherry only comes from one place in the world— the Jerez region of Southwestern Spain. This is the most important thing about Sherry. The second most important fact is that it's out of fashion, underappreciated, and seriously undervalued.

Australian Wine
Australia isn't known for its Pinot Noir, but Nepenthe Wines makes a version that lovers of this variety should consider tasting. Nepenthe's Charleston Pinot Noir 2003 is all dried herbs, black cherries, farmyard, and earth and yields a long, lingering finish.

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