stellar photos of earth taken from space

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Stellar Photos Of Earth Taken From Space

Earth Day, here's some incredible photos taken from space, showing just how amazing this planet real
1. Sochi Russia
Some of the beautiful pictures taken from space were released by NASA on the occasion of celebrating the Earth Day. The stellar photo is a real classic, which makes a child to interpret it to be a delicious strawberry ice cream. One just cannot wait to scoop it out The phot was taken using the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer instrument on NASAs Terra spacecraft. The image is the result of a nearinfrared light with white light. The vegetation appears red. The Caucuses Mountains appear mauve that is very well seen in the picture. Want a scoop of it?
2. Spain and Portugal at night
It sure looks like yet another galaxy altogether. One can even interpret it to be a wonderful eclipse that is taking place in space. The image of Spain and Portugal at night released by NASA makes one really think so. The photo shot exhibits shimmering display of light emitting from the peninsular cities. The lights surely assists you to identify the land mass. A little below the shoreline one can spot the capital of Portuguese, Lisbon. Directly above Lisbon right in the centre of the Peninsula lays the capital of Spain Madrid. Right near the Gibraltar Strait is located the coastal city of Seville.
3. Antwerp Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium appears as an abstract artists masterpiece. A very beautiful portrait you cannot help but admire. It definitely appears as a work of inexplicable art created by divine hands. Antwerp city has one of Europes largest seaports. It is situated on the Scheldt River. This river links the North Sea by the Western Scheldt estuary. The photograph released by NASA is the image of the Scheldt delta featuring the Western Scheldt. The photograph appears as a spectacular collision of blank misty space with moss like matter. The interwoven and inter wound image appears as a mysterious artwork from nature.
4. Montreal Canada
Some of the photos released by NASA are a fabulous treat to our eyes. One such eye candy is a pleasing aerial photo of Montreal clicked at night from the International Space Station. Night photos help us to know the places of inhabitations which can never accomplished in a day time photograph. The photo enables us to differentiate the streets, main roads, highways and residential areas based on the lighting. Bright white lights are emitted from the streets and highways. Yellow lights are from the residential areas. One can interpret the image as a yellow star fallen and shattered on the ground.
5. Betsiboka River Madagascar
The red river appears as a red vein enticing something. The stellar photograph of Betsiboka River estuary courtesy NASA, was taken by the STS104 crew. The red color is because of the sediments, it carries a huge quantity of reddish orange silt. Astronauts have even described that the color ironically makes you believe that Madagascar is bleeding to death. Indeed this perceptive surveillance sheds light on Madagascars environmental problems, the consequence of soil erosion. This is again due to excessive deforestation that is necessary to make enough land available for agriculture. As the economy of Madagascar very much depends on the agricultural produce.
6. Southwestern Europe
The spectacular image of South Western Europe at night is a true delight for eyes. The gold like glow due to night lights gives the gorgeous fiery view. Using the stellar photos is a better means of portraying the geography of power consumption at night time. The glow is due to the outdoor lightings. The image evidently explains the fact that the cities of Europe lie along the shoreline. It undoubtedly appears as a display of bright crackers bursting all over the European sky coming reaching a static point. It gives the impression of a show of fireworks caught in action.
7. Vancouver Canada
The picturesque city of Vancouver yet looks very exquisite far away from space as well. The coastal seaport city of Canada with its elegant sceneries is a true wonder to look at from space. The satellite picture appears as a dark fog surrounded by green patches of land mass. The green color makes it appear like green algae. Vancouver Island shields the Strait of George from the Pacific Ocean. This is very well seen as a misty black patch with a dash of mist. It restores the same elegance from space as well. Thanks to the photos provided by NASA.
8. New York New Jersey United States
New York/New Jersey of the United States appear as a black white picture of a mine being excavated. The major commercial places appearing as dust Quite amazingly the earth looks completely different from space. The photograph of New York and New Jersey are astonishingly unbelievable. Who knew that the capital city would appear so sober? With no greens and browns, just plain black and grey. It would definitely turn out to be a masterpiece of abstract art. It can surely fit on the walls of your house enhancing your interiors. These pictures taken on the Earth day are an admirers delight.
9. Moselle River Germany
Earth our beautiful abode. The many rivers, oceans, land masses give it an even entirely divine look. How does it appear from space? Thanks to the pictures from NASA, we are lucky enough to view the wonderful photos of our planet. The stellar photos reveal its sheer beauty awesomeness. The photo of the Moselle River in Germany appears like a green snake that is crawling amidst dry leaves and bricks. The surroundings of the river appear as tiny dry bricks stacked in an orderly manner. A beautiful picture in itself, if not for the caption it would be impossible to identify it.
10. Nardo Italy
The Nard

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