search tricks

Search Tricks

1. To check weather
To check the weather of any location, simply type "weather" and the city name. Supposedly if you want to know Mumbai's temperature, type weather Mumbai and you will get weather report of Mumbai. In USA, you can even get the details with pincode like weather 22031.
2. Blocking a website
Blocking a website is very easy. However Google has discontinued this feature but an extension for Google Chrome is available which allows us to do the same. Just visit this URL add all the wesites which you don't want to come in the Google search results.
3. Listen to music
With Google, listening to music becomes cake walk. Just type your singer name songs and it will provide you the famous tracks of your favorite singer. e.g. Mukesh songs.
4. Easy Calculations
Rely on Google to do your math! Enter a calculation as you would into your computer's calculator (i.e. * for multiply, / to divide, etc), and voila!. e.g. if you type 500-(300/12)+20 it will return you 495 in Google search. Just focus on the BODMAS technique.
5. Unit Conversion
Google can easily convert units measurement. If you want to convert miles into Km or meter; cm to inches; Kg to gm & pounds or even currency conversion etc. You can use Google for this purpose, type it in this way - 12 miles in kms; 1 dollar in INR.
6. Reverse image search
While searching for an image on Google image search, you will find a little camera icon. Click on the camera icon. It will ask you for an image URL or an upload from your PC to search images similar to what you are looking for. Its great when you are looking for same type of places, more images of your friend etc. You will be amazed with what results you get.
7. Online Dictionary
Google can be used as an online dictionary. To look up a word, type in the keyword "define:" followed by the term you're looking for (i.e. "define:search engine"). The pages are populated with the search results.
8. Find Educational documents with Google
This is one little trick to dig up some great educational content is to search .edu domains (which belong to educational establishments). Let's say you're interested in learning C++ programming and you would like to see "Introduction to C++" types of documents/presentations. All you have to do is perform a search query similar to the following: site:edu intitle:"Introduction to C++" filetype:pdf, and there you go. A variation of the search query above, to include additional file types, is as follows:site:edu intitle:"Introduction to C++" filetype:pdf | filetype:ppt | filetype:doc.
9. Search in a specific site
This might help you, if you want to search something in a particular website e.g. if you are searching a Windows solutions and you want the result from Microsoft website only then you may use the command "site:websitename query".
10. Using operators
Google understands a range of operators that include filetype: (eg doc, xls, or pdf), intext: and allintext:, intitle: and allintitle:, inurl: and allinurl:, author: (in Google Groups) and location: (in Google News). Google also understands a logical OR, provided it is upper case. The OR command can be shortened to a vertical bar (|), as in outsourcing Calcutta | Kolkata or the traditional way - outsourcing Calcutta OR Kolkata.

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